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The way of thinking about CSR

The theme of our CSR policy is “Symbiosis”

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the obligation of companies in terms of social action.

Our information society in the twenty-first century is said to be borderless “global village” where companies implement global standards and rules to provide legitimacy to their activities. Likewise, the focal point of management resources has changed from “manpower, money and materials” to “society, the economy and the environment”. Therefore, in this modern era companies need to establish practices of sustainable growth by balancing the above three factors as well as aiming to be “responsible, well-balanced and fair”.

Our approach towards CSR is based on the premise that the activities of one single company will affect the globe, and conversely all natural and human activities occurring around the world will affect the company. Consequently, we consider it very important to implement fundamental CSR-related policies through our business activities that enable us to attain sustainability.

In practicing sustainable corporate responsibility, we must also consider not only the time of the present generation but also the time of younger staff and their children. In other words, we should be able to ensure a superior “society, economy and environment” to future generations.

To ensure the stable growth of companies and markets, “transparency, balance and fairness” are an absolute necessity. Additionally, efforts should be made to comply with international standards and to engage in activities that lead to continuous improvement. These are the first steps to demonstrate a commitment to CSR.

We strive to promote our CSR activities on the theme of “symbiosis”, a traditional concept in Japanese culture, and perform our business consistent with practical and effective CSR initiatives respecting all relevant stakeholders that have an interest in our operations, including our clients, employees, partners, job-seekers, local communities, financial institutions, and governmental authorities.

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