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Building Interfaces that are not only Attractive, but also have High Functionality

Technology ,Diversity in Application of Use

The RIA (Rich Internet Application) Environment

Through the diffusion of smartphones and tablets, we are now living in a multi-device world. With technology's continued evolution and the penetration of digital signage, RIAs are becoming increasingly familiar. RIAs, using differing techniques, are now employed in a wide variety of environments in order to meet diverse business needs.

Furthermore, RIA development techniques are diversifying, evolving and becoming increasingly complex. There are advantages and disadvantages to each developmental approach. Therefore, at the required time, the optimum techniques to meet your objectives (goals and necessary functions) will be ascertained.

Advancing Intuitive Interfaces

RIA does not only provide rich representation in terms of design, it improves the intuitiveness of the interface thus enhancing efficiency and operability.

The RIA feature that has attracted much attention is “data visualization”. One such visualization is the display of management data, such as sales, customer information, inventory, operational conditions etc. as real-time charts or graphs to improve decision making.

Mitsue-Links' Approach

To provide additional convenience to the end user and strengthen your client relationship, it is important to seek out any issues that need resolving.

The strength of RIAs is that they provide a direct interface, thus making operation more efficient and, therefore, improving business and development flows.

Mitsue-Links, through the employment of our accumulated know-how and based on the variety of services we offer, such as UX design, accessibility planning, and access log analysis, will achieve higher levels of user experience.

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