Social Media Optimization

Complete support for social media application/analysis and social media marketing

The behavior of users changes from “searching for information” to “searching + social media communications”

Interactive communication in the era of social media

While the popularity of social media has been booming, the behavior of consumers has changed from “searching for information online” to “searching + sharing information via social media”. On the social media network, website users actively interact with each other not to “find information” but to “ask someone reliable” and “disseminate information acquired”.

Build a loyalty loop and enhance the value of your brand

The focus point of social media application for your website is also “interactive communications”. You can use social media to create a loyalty loop (i.e., a long-term relationship with your customers), not only by launching your website page on social media sites to disseminate information, but also by leveraging both your website and social media to maintain a continuous dialogue with the customers.

The evolution of search. Before: Search information. I want to buy a microwave oven, then I will check information on the Internet, then a search engine will give me personal blogs, price comparison sites and manufacturers' websites. Now: Ask/tell someone. I want to buy a microwave oven! Then Friend A: says company A's product takes shorter time to warm up food. After asking, Friend B: says I have grilled fish nicely with Company B's product. The corporate social media account states: Company C offers a microwave oven designed for a single person. Search is now very social and businesses hope to establish long-term relationships with users.

Our Approach

Our SMO (Social Media Optimization) service includes the planning and execution of social media collaboration projects (e.g., application development), formulation of social media operation guidelines (e.g., handling of negative comments and consistency of expressions), setting up  website analysis platforms employing Insights, Google Analytics,, etc. Furthermore, Website enhancement services such as: planning, design and implementation of website socialization, integration of share buttons and OGP, integration of social plugins such as Like Box, linking strategies to build up internal links on your website, launch and operation of special sites. Additionally, YouTube application support, Google+ application support, Twitter marketing support, Facebook marketing support, and LinkedIn application support.

Creating an optimal configuration for your website by leveraging the characteristics of each type of social media

We consider your website as one of the social media platforms. Based on your website strategies, we plan and design social media applications for your website by taking advantage of the characteristics of each type of social media such as website blogs, Facebook and Twitter. We also provide support in handling social media sites as well as making suggestions and implementation of improvement plans based on the analysis data of users' behavior.

Social Media Optimization Services

SMO Solution

Complete support for social media optimization for your website, including the launch of social media pages, operation, consulting, and conversion rate enhancement.

SNS Solution

We provide various solutions tailored to your needs, including the launch of social media, operation support, and data analysis.

  • Social Media Launching Support
  • Social Media Operation Support
  • Social Media Management Tool (under construction)
  • Manual Preparation for Social Media Applications
  • Social Media Data Analysis

Internal SNS Solution

Support for the launch and operation of social media within a company to promote internal communications.

Social SEO

Actively build up links to your brand's social media pages and increase the conversion rates to your website.

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