Total Support for Social Media Planning, Launch, Operation and Increasing Conversions

Service Overview

Social media is becoming a very significant component of corporate web strategies. In order to increase the value of your own brand and increase site conversions, we will propose the optimum social media strategy based on your goals and the characteristics of each media.

Service Details

Our SMO Solution services are listed below.

Installation Support

Whether your optimum brand strategy includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or others, we will assist in account creation, administration, and provision of start-up support including -

  • Account Creation
  • Planning, Design
  • Visual Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Publishing
  • Coordination with Existing Corporate Website

Organization Administration Support

In order to ensure the effective utilization of social media, our experts will provide training and offer consultative services.

  • Training Session at your Company (One Occasion)
  • Advice on the Construction of a Management System
  • Creation of Usage Guidelines for Operations Personnel
  • Selection and Provision of Operational Tools

Increase Conversion Support

After the successful launch of social media services, we can coordinate your existing website with the new media, develop applications, undertake access analysis, and support the development of a bespoke PDCA cycle.

  • Measurement of Effectiveness Support (Periodic Reports)
  • PDCA Cycle Development Support (Plan Determination)
  • Facebook Application Design
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Establishment of Campaign Websites
  • Website Renewal
  • Internal SNS Usage Support

Service Flow

  1. Planning, Design
  2. Launch
  3. Operational Support
  4. Measurement of Effectiveness
  5. Suggestions for Improvement

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.