CMS Introduction Support to Enhance the Marketing Capabilities and Operational Performance of Corporate Sites

Service Overview

The implementation of CMS (Content Management Systems) to corporate sites is increasingly important for enterprises in order to improve web marketing activities and site operational efficiency. Mitsue-Links' comprehensive CMS Development Service will meet all your needs, including the undertaking of a scaling study to determine the optimum CMS for your requirements, system implementation, and provision of ongoing operational and maintenance support.

Service Features

CMS as a Web Marketing Platform

Today's corporate sites are not only for posting corporate information but rather operate as destinations to enhance customer experience and provide a point of contact. To truly enhance customer experience, there is the need to offer target users content that consists of relevant context. Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee believed the essence of his new creation to be the publishing and sharing of structured content. However, there are limits to the human management and provision of context to structured content. Content Management Systems, by isolating and managing content and design, make it possible to effectively utilize structured content according to various contexts.

We offer websites optimized for various devices such as PCs and smartphones, content optimized for individual target users, we also supply machine readable content, and the prospect to publish in several formats (not only HTML but also XML). Furthermore, data can be combined with core systems which manage enterprise information resources in order to automate content registration and shorten the time required to publish a great number of web pages. Furthermore, the publishing of additional corporate information not yet online, may enable a new level of engagement with clients.

Mitsue-Links CMS Development Service supports the introduction of an appropriate CMS for utilization as web marketing management infrastructure.

Service Details

Total CMS Introduction Support

The introduction of a CMS will allow you to create sites that permit target users to achieve their goals, are multi-lingual, are optimized for smartphones and a number of other devices, take advantage of data linkage with existing systems, and enable the output of data in formats other than HTML. Therefore, great sites can be developed with flexibility and scalability to suit your requirements. To ensure the successful introduction of a CMS, there must be strong and coordinated links between those involved in the design aspects and those undertaking the technology work. Mitsue-Links' CMS Development Service, defines target users, creates a plan in order to achieve goals, and then selects the appropriate technology required for implementation. Our high quality service includes a business survey, system planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

CMS Selection Based on Gap/Fit Analysis

In order to ensure a successful CMS introduction, it is important that the best product to meet website objectives is selected. Mitsue-Links' CMS Development Service supports selection of the optimum CMS for our clients through understanding customer goals, the undertaking of a gap/fit analysis of specifications, and utilizing our knowledge and experience.

Support from Scaling to Development, Operation and Maintenance

A CMS is a web application that is installed and used on a server. In other words, it is a web system that works in conjunction with the network / hardware / OS / and various middleware. Therefore, it is important to consider the CMS operation environment in order to maintain a stable web system. Mitsue-Links’ CMS Development Service, utilizing our wealth of design and operational expertise, will propose a system that matches your requirements, as well as offer services with regard to operation and maintenance. Furthermore, our service provides support on such issues as scaling in response to the growth of websites and environmental changes.

CMS Solutions

CMS Development Tools

CMS Development Tool(a-blog cms)
A Japanese CMS that has enterprise support functionality but is intuitive for administrators.
CMS Development Tool(WebRelease)
An enterprise-oriented static delivery type CMS with a strong track record in Japan.
  • CMS Development Tool(MovableType)
  • CMS Development Tool (eZ Publish)
  • CMS Development Tool(RCMS)

CMS Use Cases

Partial CMS Introduction
The introduction of a CMS to a selected part of a website, in order to reduce investment.
Media Site Development
Optimized CMS for media sites that require rapid information distribution.
Seminar Information Management
The introduction of a CMS to provide necessary seminar information.
Blog Development
Blog development support in order to promote more open communication.
Intranet Blog Development
Internal blog development provides a safe platform for internal sharing of information.

Service Flow

  1. Definition of Requirements
    • Product Selection Based on Gap/Fit Analysis
    • Definition of Functional Requirements (confirmation of external data links, customization requirements etc.)
    • Scaling Investigation
  2. Implementation
    • Defining Template Components and Data Management Methodologies
    • Template Implementation
    • System Configuration
  3. Testing
  4. Transition Assistance
  5. Operation, Support

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.


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