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For an accessible moon.

Often referred to as the father of space travel,
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky once famously declared
”earth is the cradle of humanity, but one does not always live in the cradle.“

Those words have inspired mankind to advance into space and,
in the 1960s, succeed in visiting the moon.

Since the initial landings, even while nations continued their space exploration activities,
mankind hasn’t again walked on the surface of the moon.
However, now buoyed by the vigor of the private sector,
humanity is once again aiming for our closest celestial neighbor.

Driving this private involvement is the Google Lunar XPRIZE,
the world's first robot lunar exploration race.
The only race participant from Japan is the HAKUTO private lunar exploration team.

As a HAKUTO supporting company,
we are contributing to the accessibility enhancement of the team’s website.
We believe that by making website content more accessible,
we are playing a role in making the moon itself more accessible.

Dreaming of a day when anyone will be able to access the moon or the universe beyond,
we, Mitsue-Links, can be sure that, through our web technology,
we contributed to HAKUTO's Google Lunar XPRIZE mission.

As a supporting company of HAKUTO,
we are providing our know-how and technical expertise
to maintain and improve the accessibility of team HAKUTO's website.


HAKUTO, directed by ispace, inc., is the only team from Japan participating in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. Great minds from the realms of venture capital and academia are coming together with pro bono supporters, each utilizing their respective skills, to develop, under the project au × HAKUTO MOON CHALLENGE, the world's first privately-funded lunar exploration rover and win the Google Lunar XPRIZE. In January 2015, the team were awarded an intermediate mobility milestone prize for demonstration of the technical ability and systems to achieve the lunar mission.

About Google Lunar XPRIZE

Sponsored by Google, administered by the US-based XPRIZE Foundation, and with total prize fund of $30M, this is the world's first privately-financed lunar rover exploration race. The challenge winner is the first team to land a rover on the surface of the moon, travel a distance of at least 500m, then transmit high resolution images and videos back to earth. A prize of $20M will be awarded to the first team to achieve the feat, with a $5M prize presented to the second team to do so. On 24 January, 2017, it was announced that five teams - SpaceIL (Israel), Moon Express (USA), Synergy Moon (International), TeamIndus (India), HAKUTO (Japan) - have proceeded to the final phase of the race.

Why be a supporting company

Successfully landing a rover on the surface of the moon, then travelling at least 500m while transmitting high resolution images and videos back to earth ... what are the four reasons for our participation in this most fantastic yet ambitious challenge?

Moon from MLC

As a supporting company of Japan's first private lunar exploration team HAKUTO, we have commenced a moon related Instagram account. We will post snapshots of the moon as seen from our Shinjuku head office as well as night sky photo contributions from our employees.