An expert analyst will objectively evaluate your web site to determine the ease of use.
Then, using our knowledge, we will propose tangible improvement measures.

The crucial difference between websites and other media is that users are proactively looking for information. Once a user has ascertained that your site is neither easy-to-use nor the information posted beneficial to them, they will leave. Web sites that do not take into account user experience will lead directly to a loss of business opportunities.

In the Expert Review service, analysts proficient in usability will objectively determine the ease of use of your website from three perspectives, namely "satisfaction", "efficiency", and "effectiveness". We offer specific means to increase the number of visitors to a website whilst affording solutions to raise the repeat visitor rate and reduce the number leaving the site. This service will allow you to regain otherwise lost business opportunities.

Service Overview

Usability engineers with expertise in usability analysis and evaluation will compose a report on your site's usability and then detail improvement measures.

Service Features

Using analytical techniques and evaluative criteria based on practical knowledge, our analysts will isolate any problems that are concealed within the site. Moreover, using selected evaluation criteria we can ensure maximum compatibility between your users' needs and your web site thus creating a competitive advantage.

Service Details


All companies have differing goals for their company web sites. In order to ensure accurate analysis evaluation of company websites, usability engineers will discuss with you the main purpose and goals of the site.

Diagnosis (Analysis, Evaluation)

A detailed analysis and site evaluation will be performed by our usability engineers. In addition to reviewing the site using knowledge-based evaluation criteria, we aim to determine investment objectives for the site from the perspective of your business intentions and user “satisfaction”, “efficiency” and “effectiveness”.


Our analysts will draw up a report so that you can visually understand the usability-related issues of your website. Using screen captures to illustrate the details, we will bring to your attention any issues and problems arising from the “what”, “where” and “satisfaction” points of view.

Service Flow

  1. Consultation Regarding Purpose
  2. Defining Requirements (current status, target pages etc.)
  3. Analysis, Evaluation
  4. Report Preparation
  5. Reporting

Supplemental Information

In order to prevent user fatigue, our experts will recommend data entry forms that are simple to complete.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.

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