Developing a good user experience based on users' actual practice rather than prediction
We objectively identify potential usability problems and users' needs on your website

One of the important factors to effectively function a website as a marketing tool is to help website users smoothly access the information they wish to obtain without any obstacles (usability) and provoke positive feelings in them such as enjoyment, comfort and interest (user experience). However, it is difficult to know how your website is going to deliver usability and user experience to the users, no matter how hard the website engineers try to design a good website, until the users actually use and response to your website. Even a usability expert will find it difficult to predict the actual behavior and response of the users.

Given this situation, we provide a usability testing service in which we ask users visit your website and observe their behavior and verbal response. We then analyze and identify potential problems and users' needs based on the test result. We believe that developing a good user experience can be achieved by understanding the actual behavior and experience of users, which even a professional analyst cannot predict easily.

Service Overview

Our web usability testing service is most effective when your need is to gain a deeper understanding of the usability of your website in order for further improvement. This may include the following:

  • To identify the current status, i.e., potential usability problems and users' needs on the website.
  • To understand users' experiences based on the observation results.
  • To help the decision makers and stakeholders who are involved in the website development understand the importance of usability, although this is already understood at the level of website administrators.

Service Features

Our usability analysts have expertise gained in a broad spectrum of usability. They offer complete support for usability testing, including test planning, implementation, analysis and reporting, as well as consulting services to improve usability based on the objective, reliable data gathered from the test. Furthermore, our “User Test Studio” is fully equipped with specialized facilities to cover all the process of usability testing. This studio has an interview room with the eye-tracking system and a monitor room where you can observe the users undertaking usability testing through a one-way window and a large video monitor. In this way, we can offer the best possible testing environment for usability evaluation.

User Test Studio
(Interview Room)

User Test Studio
(Monitor Room)

Service Details

Test Planning

We conduct an interview with your staff to understand your business goals and issues. After defining all issues to be clarified by testing, a concrete test plan will be created.

Recruiting Test Participants

One of the most important factors for usability testing is to recruit test participants who have similar attributes to your target users. After defining your requirements for test participants, we set a target segment and prepare initial screening questionnaires for the recruitment.

Implementing the Test

Our professional usability interviewers conduct the usability test. After the test, we will present you the video data file that recorded participants' browsing operations, eye-movements and interview conversations during the test.

Creating a Usability Report

We create a usability report based on the data gathered from the usability test including participants' behavior, verbal response and eye-movements. This report also includes explanations and suggestions of our usability analysts. For the explanation of problems, in particular, we capture the screens and prepare a graphical presentation for a better understanding. We also provide improvement plans together with the report.


Recording Speeches

We provide a data file containing all recorded speeches of test participants.

Creating a Re-designed Website

We create a re-designed website as a practical suggestion based on the issues and needs discovered by the usability test, leveraging our expertise as a website production company.

Hosting a Presentation

We conduct a presentation to related staff members of your company to explain the usability report. Should any questions arise during the presentation, we will promptly provide answers to the questions.

Simultaneous Interpretation

We can provide simultaneous interpretation of interview conversations for people of foreign nationality. Our user test studio has a dual audio output system to facilitate both Japanese and English (or other foreign language) speech.

Service Flow

  1. Interviewing your staff about the purpose and issues of the test
  2. Grasping the current status and defining requirements including subject pages
  3. Planning the test
  4. Recruiting test participants
  5. Implementing the test
  6. Analyzing data and creating a report
  7. Reporting
  8. Hosting a presentation (optional)

Supplemental Information

Scientifically analyze the eye movements of users as they browse websites, by employing a usability survey method with the latest eye-tracking technologies.

Usability evaluation for smartphones and tablets with the up-to-date facilities.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.

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