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The Mitsue-Links UX Blog shares some of our insights and opinions about UX in Japan, experience design and cultural differences between user research in Japan and the world.
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Cross-Cultural Design in Japan & Colombia

UX Intern - Paula Valencia

When talking about UI and UX design it's really important to consider who your audience is going to be and what their wants and needs are. One interesting point to also consider, especially when designing a global product for users from different countries is culture.

My name is Paula Valencia and I am an Interactive Media Design student from Colombia. Currently, I am doing an internship at Mitsue-Links to learn about UX design differences between Japan and my home country.

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Inside the UX Team: Welcoming our New Intern

UX Marketing Manager - Jonathan Weeks

This post is part of new series aimed at getting to know the UX team at Mitsue-Links. April saw the addition of new intern, Paula Valencia, who will be hanging out with us for the next few months. She's a design student from Columbia who is eager to get some first-hand experience in user research.

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Will the Zozosuit Revolutionize Online Shopping?

Jonathan Weeks - UX Marketing Manager

In my previous post, I discussed the effects of the so-called Galapagos Syndrome on Japanese innovation. In many cases, overly focusing on the idiosyncrasies of the local market meant Japanese companies were unable to scale globally and were sometimes overtaken by international competition.

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