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Remote User Testing Amid a Global Pandemic

Jonathan Weeks

Almost three months have passed since COVID-19 was first reported to the WHO's Country Office in China. Since then, the outbreak has reached 155 countries and territories around the world, caused widespread disruption and fear, and has been officially declared a pandemic by WHO. Although there is now a global effort to stymie the rate of new cases, we remain in period of growing uncertainty. Whatever happens, the world is sure to face many challenges ahead.

Reporting on UXPA2019: How to connect usability testing to design, Part 3

Sayaka Kameyama - UX Researcher

This is the final part of my trilogy of blog posts on the UXPA poster session. Previously, I discussed how to consider user feedback. By grasping the why behind user actions (facts) during usability testing, you will be in a much better position to solve user problems.

Reporting on UXPA2019: How to connect usability testing to design, Part 2

Sayaka Kameyama - UX Researcher

As a continuation from my previous post, I will continue discussing the content I presented during the UXPA poster session.

Last time, I introduced the tendency to directly incorporate user feedback in design decisions. I explained that this trend may cause discussions to stall if feedback is implemented at the discretion of system requirements and business strategy, or causes the field of design solutions to narrow.