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Mitsue-Links has been holding free seminars on web-related topics from July 2004 to date.

Through seminar content, Mitsue-Links makes a great effort to share know-how on a variety of current trends and themes. We typically host seminars on topics including Web Standards, SEO, Blogs, Web Analytics, CMS, SNS and Twitter, Smartphones, Multi-Device Support, UX, as well as Accessibility themes related to WCAG and JIS.

Seminars continue to be held on a multitude of topics and remain incredibly popular. The summary below provides details on some of our most recent seminars (please note seminars were held in Japanese).

Seminars held in 2017

Principles of UX Design & Effect Verification

Based on an overview of our UX Growth Hack service, this seminar discussed the implementation of 'UX design' and 'effect verification' to promote continuous website improvement. The discussions were supported by up-to-date case studies.

[CMS Seminar] Themes & Strategies for Website Renewal in 2018: Learning from Successful Case Studies!

An update to our successful “Themes & Strategies for Site Renewal in 2017: Learning from Successful Case Studies!”, this seminar introduced themes for successful website renewal and shared the latest case studies.

Corporate Website Management for Web Team Members

In a clear, concise manner and supported with case studies, this seminar overviewed key themes for consideration when managing corporate websites.

Introduction to Enterprise Video Use

This seminar firstly discussed how organizations could best utilize video content and optimize production flows, then overviewed 2017 video strategy trends in an easy-to-understand manner.

Introduction to Web Usability/UX Seminar

Introducing the concepts of usability and UX in an easy-to-understand manner, this seminar was targeted at web industry novices.

Website Quality to Maximize Conversions

This seminar covered themes from past seminars on accessibility, Responsive Web Design, display performance improvement, and Always On SSL/TSS. Through the interweaving of this latest information, the essential qualities of modern websites were shared along with strategies necessary to secure those qualities.

When Renewing a Website, Be Mindful of SEO  

This seminar firstly introduced the importance of good SEO at the time of site renewal, presented case studies of failing to do so, then gave advice on how to appropriately implement SEO.

Introduction to Web Accessibility 2017

Targeted at web team members considering enhancing accessibility support, this seminar introduced basic information and discussed methods and support options.

IA meet AI - Participation Report of the IA Summit 2017

In this seminar Dai Maejima, one of our information architects, and Yukiko Iwamoto, an information architect, discussed topics covered at the 2017 IA Summit including "what kind of impact will the advancement of machine learning and AI etc. have on humans? Is it possible to harmonize them? How should IA think about user experience design going forward? What is the required mind set?" etc.

Google Analytics Configuration Seminar for Beginners

This seminar covered Google Analytics setup configuration, the basics of data collection and introduced action flows using the various functions of Google Analytics.

CSUN 2017 Participation Report Seminar

In this seminar, CSUN conference attendees Kazuhito Kidachi, our President and CTO, Makoto Ueki, Infoaxia Inc., Daisuke Kobayashi, Cybozu, Inc., and Atsushi Akiyama, Consent Inc., discussed what interested them during the event as well as accessibility trends in 2017.

[CMS Seminar] Themes & Strategies for Site Renewal in 2017: Learning from Successful Case Studies!

This seminar introduced how appropriate CMS deployment could solve the inherent problems on a wide range of corporate websites "from project conception through to operation." The seminar also touched on themes that lead to successful site renewal projects and shared latest case studies.

The Reality of Screen Readers: What Web Teams Should Know

This seminar provided an in-depth overview into screen reading technology, a tool of which there are few opportunities to learn about. The seminar included a screen reader demonstration by a blind engineer, who uses the technology for both daily life and work, as well as an introduction to reader check techniques etc.

Latest Web Marketing with Google Products

This seminar provided the latest information on Google’s web marketing products then gave participants hints on how to deploy the solutions together with examples.

Web Design Trends 2017

This seminar introduced current web design trends to those who were considering new website development or existing site renewal in 2017.

The Practice of Web Usability/UX Design

This seminar focused on website "user understanding" and "information architecture", how to obtain effective insights from data obtained through user research and access analysis, how to best structure website information and implement continuous improvement, as well as providing examples of website construction and operation.

About International / Overseas Seminars

As of February 2018, Mitsue-Links' seminar programs are only held in Japan. In addition, seminars are neither held in the English language nor is simultaneous interpretation available. There may be cases where a seminar is jointly sponsored with an international business, and the lecturer may be non-Japanese. On these occasions, the seminar will most likely be held in English with a simultaneous interpretation to Japanese.