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Mitsue-Links has been holding free seminars on web-related topics from July 2004 to date.

Through seminar content, Mitsue-Links makes a great effort to share know-how on a variety of current trends and themes. We typically host seminars on topics including Web Standards, SEO, Blogs, Web Analytics, CMS, SNS and Twitter, Smartphones, Multi-Device Support, UX, as well as Accessibility themes related to WCAG and JIS.

Seminars continue to be held on a multitude of topics and remain incredibly popular. The summary below provides details on some of our most recent seminars (please note seminars were held in Japanese).

Examples of seminar

Introduction to Digital Analytics Seminar 2016

The world of digital marketing continues to rapidly evolve; increasingly there are calls for specific data - such as analysis of individual persons' lifetime values as well as the use of offline data - to be connected for optimum marketing success.

In this seminar, one of our analytics experts discussed the current situation and future challenges in the field of digital marketing and digital analytics. In addition, we offered a basic overview of how to use Google Analytics and provided some useful hints and tips.

Optimal Solutions for Secure Website Development and Maintenance in the Cloud First Era

Recently, at the time of website renewal, from the perspective of balancing security measures, operational usability and cost - there are increasing use examples of public cloud (IaaS) commercial CMS. In this seminar, intended for those in charge of website renewal projects, we provided an overview of CMS product solutions and security measures in the cloud first era.

CSUN 2016 Participation Report Seminar

Every year in either February or March the International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, popularly known as CSUN, is held in San Diego. CSUN is the world's largest accessibility-related conference and this year was the 31st year of its holding. At this year's event our President and CTO Kazuhito Kidachi together with Makoto Ueki, CEO of Infoaxia Inc., gave a joint address titled “Rebranding Web Accessibility - We Changed Our Game Plan.” In this seminar, they redelivered the lecture content, which was originally given in English, in Japanese. Furthermore, both Kazuhito and Makoto introduced interesting tidbits from the event as well as conveyed the latest trends in web accessibility.

Website Development in the Multi-Device Era (held in Osaka)

In the past, websites were accessed through the browsers of desktop PCs. However, nowadays, smartphones and tablet devices have spread throughout the business world and people are using a multitude of devices in a variety of contexts. This has made “multi-device support” an essential consideration for websites. On the other hand, the modern technology used to build websites, especially HTML5, continues evolve. With the spread of the corresponding browsers, leverage HTML5 to realize the multi-device support that is the key to maximising your website's opportunity, value, and trust. This seminar, with a focus on multi-device support, was a first for Osaka. The seminar was recommended for anyone considering future website development or existing site renewal.

The Latest Must Know Information Regarding IE and Microsoft Edge

Starting January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer (hereafter IE), available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates. However, Edge was adopted as the standard browser in Windows 10, therefore, regarding Microsoft-made browsers, it is forecast that Edge will replace IE. Based on these changes, is it necessary to reexamine website supported browsers? Also what influence will this change have on web design? We invited, Microsoft Japan's Yoshitaka Kasugai and Osamu Monoe to give a seminar providing the latest information on IE and Edge as well as an overview of the latest web/website trends.

2016 Web Design Trend Seminar

The continued evolution of web technology together with the diversification of both website users and browsing environments sees web design trends continue to advance. This seminar introduced keywords associated with recent web design trends and then considered how to incorporate the trends into site design. Furthermore, with the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities that came into force from April 2016, we explained how to deal with accessibility from a design perspective.

Universal Analytics Introduction Seminar

It has been about 2 years since the announcement in April 2014 that Universal Analytics (UA) moved out of beta. With the approaching suspension of old library data processing, there are those who need to urgently introduce UA as well as those that have introduced and migrated to UA but have yet to implement full-fledged utilization. This seminar, centered on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, gave an overview of procedures and tools for smooth implementation as well as offered hints on post introduction usage.

Introduction to IoT / M2M Advanced Technology and Keyword Introduction Seminar

The web is continuing to evolve; the current trend is through advanced technologies such as IoT/M2M. This seminar for web-related specialists provided an overview of what is achievable with the web now what will be possible in the future. To devise future strategies, it is essential to research these areas. Based on staff participation at Internet of Things 2015 in Korea, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 and CES 2016, this seminar introduced the key themes as well as web-related developments. We also introduced useful vocabulary for those working in web-related fields.

The Future of CMS from an “Operation First” Perspective

With the rapid diversification of the web environment, those performing website operation activities have to deal with increasingly complicated tasks in much more rapid timeframes. Furthermore, there are also issues related to multi-device support, guaranteeing security, offering multi-lingual support and so on. A CMS (Content Management System) is a powerful ally in dealing with the previously mentioned concerns, however if not properly introduced nor used in the correct way, the effectiveness will not be maximized. We invited Takuro Hishikawa, representative director of Concrete Five Japan Co., Ltd., to give a seminar around the theme of “operation”, and to explore future strategies that maximize the effect of an introduced CMS.

Web Accessibility for Beginners 2016

In March there was a revision of JIS X 8341-3 (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee's Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities-Information and communications equipment, software and services-Part 3: Web content) ahead of the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities that came into force from April 2016. This has seen web accessibility become a hot topic. This seminar introduced the latest information in an easy-to-understand format, for those who want and must support web accessibility in the future.

About International / Overseas Seminars

As of November 2015, Mitsue-Links' seminar programs are only held in Japan. In addition, seminars are neither held in the English language nor is simultaneous interpretation available. There may be cases where a seminar is jointly sponsored with an international business, and the lecturer may be non-Japanese. On these occasions, the seminar will most likely be held in English with a simultaneous interpretation to Japanese.