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Mitsue-Links has been holding free seminars on web-related topics from July 2004 to date.

Through seminar content, Mitsue-Links makes a great effort to share know-how on a variety of current trends and themes. We typically host seminars on topics including Web Standards, SEO, Blogs, Web Analytics, CMS, SNS and Twitter, Smartphones, Multi-Device Support, UX, as well as Accessibility themes related to WCAG and JIS.

Seminars continue to be held on a multitude of topics and remain incredibly popular. The summary below provides details on some of our most recent seminars (please note seminars were held in Japanese).

Seminars held in 2018

Corporate Website Renewal - Merits of CMS Implementation

Aimed at companies considering implementing a CMS at the time of website renewal, this seminar introduced the latest CMS/web infrastructure trends and highlighted best practices for improving the productivity and quality of website management.

Utilization of Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG/JIS X 8341-3)

This seminar focused on the use and implementation of WCAG 2.0 and JIS X 8341-3: 2016 and introduced related accessibility services provided by our company.

Introduction to Enterprise Video Use

This seminar discussed how organizations could best utilize video content and optimize production flows, then overviewed trending video strategies.

Optimized Display Speed for Improved UX

This seminar discussed how to improve web content display performance. Speakers explained how accelerated content display led to significant improvements in user experience then introduced various measures to optimize delivery. Also introduced in detail was our "web content automatic optimization" service.

RPA Introduction for Website Management: Merits and Examples

This seminar introduced the application of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to website management work. Along with the presentation of actual working robots and the sharing of case studies, attendees learned about the merits and effects of RPA introduction.

WCAG 2.1 Explanatory Seminar for Webmasters

Aimed at webmasters who were already working on web accessibility issues, this seminar introduced the differences between WCAG2.0 and WCAG2.1. The seminar focused on newly added success criteria and explained WCAG 2.1 accessibility support. Speakers also introduced related services and our "standards support" initiatives.

Corporate Website Management for Web Administrators 2018

In a clear, concise manner and supported with case studies, this seminar overviewed key themes for consideration when managing corporate websites.

Introduction to Web Accessibility 2018

Targeted at webmasters considering enhanced accessibility support, this seminar introduced the importance and necessity of web accessibility, provided an overview of latest trends, discussed how to implement future accessibility, and demonstrated screen reader technologies.

Design Guideline Usage

To maximize website impact and streamline management tasks, this seminar introduced the necessity of design guidelines for general configuration, style and operation, etc.

CSUN 2018 Participation Report Seminar

In this seminar, CSUN conference attendees Kazuhito Kidachi, our President and CTO, Makoto Ueki, Infoaxia Inc., Daisuke Kobayashi, Cybozu, Inc., and Atsushi Akiyama, Consent Inc., discussed what interested them during the event as well as accessibility trends in 2018.

Web Design Trends 2018

After touching on trends which are gaining attention in the English-speaking countries, this seminar picked-up on significant developments and clarified the new ways of thinking. Speakers then introduced helpful information for all those considering the renewal of existing websites or development of new websites in 2018/19.

Introduction to Web Usability/UX Seminar

Introducing the concepts of usability and UX in an easy-to-understand manner, this seminar targeted web industry novices.

About International / Overseas Seminars

As of February 2019, Mitsue-Links' seminar programs are only held in Japan. In addition, seminars are neither held in the English language nor is simultaneous interpretation available. There may be cases where a seminar is jointly sponsored with an international business, and the lecturer may be non-Japanese. On these occasions, the seminar will most likely be held in English with a simultaneous interpretation to Japanese.