Web Strategy Support Services

Website Development

Website Production, Renewal, Planning, Configuration, Design, Web Standards Compliance Services, Responsive Web Design, SEO, and Design Guidelines

Website Operations

Operation Assessment, Website Operation Support, Global Website Operation & Management, UX Growth Hack, Display Performance Improvement, CDN, Findability Improvement, Structured Data, Quality Control

System Development

Cloud Hosting, Multi-site Management, CMS Solutions, Blog Configuration, Website Enquiry Management, Internal Site Search Engine, Web Applications, Server Configuration Support, Website Tamper Detection, Always On SSL/TLS

UX Services

Eye-tracking Analysis, User Surveys, EFO, Persona/scenario Development, UX and Application Interface Design

Accessibility Solutions

Diagnosis and Improvement Support, WCAG and JIS Compliance, External Seminars, Accesible Video Content

Access Analysis

Google Analytics, AB Testing, Native Application Measurement, Synthesized Dashboard, Regular Reporting and Listing Advertisements

Audiovisual Production

Video Production, Moving Image Production, YouTube Channel, Narration and Voice Samples, Audio Production and Recording, Voice Recording for IVR, High Resolution Productions, Voice Recording for Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition, Original Compositions


Digital Transformation, RPA, OCR, Automation

App Development

PWA, Web Push Notifications, Smart Speaker, VUI, iOS, Android, Windows Store, Prototype Production, Digital Books, GA Linkage

Web Content Writing

Case Studies, Product Articles, Special Features, Email Magazines and Landing Pages