Global by Design - Japanese-language version

With the permission of US-based Byte Level Research, we are translating and publishing articles on global website operation from the company`s "Global by Design" website.

Global Website Trends – BC Thinking: Japanese-language version

With the permission of UK-based Bowen Craggs & Co., we are translating and publishing articles on the best (and worst) practices of corporate website content from the "Our Thinking" section of their website.

Front End Blog (in Japanese)

A blog focusing on front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related topics.

Accessibility Blog (in Japanese)

Featuring information from Japan and overseas, this blog discusses services related to web accessibility and provides information on how to enhance the accessibility of websites.

Marketing Blog (in Japanese)

Our marketing blog introduces topics that are useful in promoting digital analytics and digital marketing.

RPA Blog (in Japanese)

In addition to introducing the latest information on Japanese and international Robotic Process Automation (RPA) trends, we discuss topics that promote automation and share examples of our own in-house introduction.

Web Quality Blog (in Japanese)

Our web quality blog shares information on the theme of web content quality, including introductions to verification work as well as changes to web environments (such as browser updates).

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