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Cloud CMS providing both content governance, security enhancement and operational load reduction S&B FOODS Website Infrastructure Renewal Project


We received a consultation request from S&B FOODS regarding both website and web infrastructure renewal. For S&B's three official websites targeting different stakeholders, we were responsible for everything from initial proposal formation, information architecture, and system development, through to design, web development, operation and maintenance.

Development of a navigable, user-friendly website Renewal of the “AnotherRoot” Website for Car Frontier

Car Frontier Co., Ltd.

We received a consultation request from Car Frontier regarding the renewal of their “AnotherRoot” website – a business site oriented toward car maintenance product purchasers.

We were responsible for proposal formulation, information architecture, design, development, and management.


Webmaster Forum

Media Organisation
Impress Corporation
“Recommendations for Global Websites and Applications” Webmaster Forum Special Edition (2) (in Japanese)
Kazuhito Kidachi outlined points that are difficult to judge when working on global website projects.

Media Organisation
Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
In the New Year Special Planning edition, Takeshi Kurosawa contributed an article titled ”Web Accessibility in 2018.“


Event Name Title Date
Web Advertising Bureau: Monthly Seminar Don't Make Light of Site Management! Moving Toward 2020, Themes Webmasters Should be Addressing (in Japanese)
Kazuhito Kidachi (Facilitator)
28 August 2018
UX Masterclass MILAN 2018 Enhancing Machine Learning with Better User Experience
Jonathan Weeks
Hiroto Kaku
22 March 2018
Tsukuba University of Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences “Information Systems Department Alumni: Current Work and Future Learning” The Path of an Accessibility Engineer
Katsutoshi Tsuji
22 March 2018
The 19th Library Fair & Forum Thoughts from the Digital Library! Latest Trends On Information Accessibility
Keynote Speech “Increasing Information Accessibility Through Coordination of the Web and Publishers”
Kazuhito Kidachi
9 November 2017
Sendai IT Festival 2017 Before Publication of WCAG 2.1, Understanding Web Accessibility Perspectives
Kazuhito Kidachi
29 October 2017