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January to March 2017

Steel, Engineering, Chemistry, New Materials, and System Solutions Business

Site Renewal

Urban Transportation / Railway Business

Site Renewal

Lifestyle and Education Support, Urban Transportation and Railway, Hotel and Leisure Business

Site Renewal

Photobook Service

New Site Development

Horse Breeding Enterprise

Site Renewal

Financial Business

Campaign Site Development


The Magazine of the User Experience Professionals Association

Media Organisation
UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association)
In the July 2017 edition of The Magazine of the UXPA, designated Focus on Asia, Jonathan Weeks and Hiroshi Ushioda contributed an article titled “Collaborating Across Cultures: Designing UX Studies for Japan.”

AccSell Mail Magazine

Media Management Organisation
In Issue 111, published 12 April 2017, President Kidachi contributed a CSUN 2017 participation report.


Event Name Title Date
Accessibility Festival Session 8: Accessibility vs. IA/UX: A 60-Minute Debate
Session 9: Grand Finale: Accessibility Q&A
Kazuhito Kidachi
18 May 2017
UX Masterclass Shanghai 2017 UX for the Aging Population – Promoting Technology Acceptance in Older Adults
Jonathan Weeks
Serena Lai
20 April 2017
IA Meetup Japan featuring IAS17 Overview of the 2017 IA Summit, Implications for Japan
Dai Maejima
13 April 2017
Sitecore Digital Marketing Summit 2016 (in Japanese) The Construction and Operation of BtoC Digital Marketing Sites: Considering Client Case Studies (in Japanese)
Yutaka Haga
24 November 2016
MTDDC Meetup TOKYO 2016 (in Japanese) 12 November 2016