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October to December 2016

Information Communication Materials Business, High Performance Plastics Business, Quality of Life Business

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Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
Feature 1 “Understanding Implementation Examples!” - Practical Accessibility: Supporting Diverse Operation - Reading, Touch, Keyboard etc. Written by Takeshi Kurosawa and Junko Koide.


Event Name Title Date
Sitecore Digital Marketing Summit 2016 (in Japanese) The Construction and Operation of BtoC Digital Marketing Sites: Considering Client Case Studies (in Japanese)
Yutaka Haga
24 November 2016
MTDDC Meetup TOKYO 2016 (in Japanese) 12 November 2016
Okayama Information College, Department of Web Design, Subject: Web Accessibility Correspondence Lecture/ Interview via Skype
Kazuhito Kidachi
9 November 2016
Let's Do Accessibility! Summer Festival 2 – Test Special (in Japanese) Session 1. Asking the Visually Impaired: Current Web and Application Accessibility
Session 3. Panel Discussion Accessible Apps and the Web: the Present and the Future - How Should I Catch Pokemon? -
Kazuhito Kidachi
28 September 2016
Code4Lib JAPAN Conference 2016 (in Japanese) Web Accessibility: The Past and the Future (in Japanese)
Kazuhito Kidachi
10 September 2016