We have summarized answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding employment. We hope that you find the answers helpful.

What is the atmosphere like at Mitsue-Links?
As the average age of our employees is 32, the company atmosphere is brimming with vitality, creative discussion and debate. Our employees work with dedicated professionalism and, outside of work time, many engage in activities together including: going out to eat and drink, playing in bands, participating in futsal matches, going bowling and visiting theme parks.
What is the total number of employees and their average age?
As of May 2020, the total number of employees at Mitsue-Links was 411, the average age of those employees was around 33 years old.
Is there a dress code?
We expect our staff to dress formally and business-like when meeting with clients. However, a more casual style of dress is fine when working at office. There are no specific rules regarding hairstyles, however as clients often visit our offices it is expected that styles remain respectable.
Could you explain the system with regard to childcare leave and childcare support?
After birth, a parent is permitted to take childcare leave until the first birthday of the child – this can be extended to a maximum of one and a half years in certain circumstances. In addition, reduced working time is permitted until the child/children have enrolled in elementary school. Furthermore, we have a childcare support system to bear part of the nursery school charges during contracted duty time.
What kind of have internal events are held?
Every half year we have a company-wide kick-off party to welcome the first business day of the new quarter. The kick-off party allows staff to informally meet with members of other departments while enjoying food, drink and entertainment. We also have a Mitsue family day, where once a year the employees can bring their partners/children for an office tour, commemorative photos etc. There also are a number of events that are organized by the employees themselves.
Could you explain more about the handling of application documents (resumes, etc.)?
All documents will be treated with upmost confidentiality. However, please note that we cannot return application paperwork unless there is a specific request.
How long is the application period?
In most cases, the application period (from application submission to notification of outcome) takes from three to four weeks.
Are there any restrictions to application (for example limited educational background, gender)?
There are no restrictions with regard to applications. Selection emphasis will be based on both your skills and past experience as well as how your potential aligns with our organizational goals.
I am working in a different industry; can I apply for a position with Mitsue-Links?
Mitsue-Links welcomes applications from those who are looking to change the direction of their career; however selection depends on the position. If you are interested in Mitsue-Links and want to challenge yourself, then please apply.
What about visas?
For the right candidate, it is possible for Mitsue-Links to offer sponsorship for a working visa.
How will the interview be conducted?
The usual process for candidates based overseas is the conducting of a Skype interview, however, in some rare cases, there is a possibility of face-to-face interviews – for example if a member of staff is on a business trip in the vicinity of the candidate's city or if the candidate is visiting Japan.
What about language requirements / is there any language support?
The day to day language within the company is Japanese, therefore we expect candidates to demonstrate working knowledge of the Japanese language. Once entered to the company, we can provide language support through the provision of Japanese lessons.

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