June 11, 2004 Matrix-Type Web Structure and SEO

Masashi Takahashi

It is our priority to draw a large number of potential customers to our clients' websites. For nearly one year, we have been undertaking research and development so that we can achieve this goal for our clients. Let me take this opportunity to talk about our activities in this area.

Matrix Web Structuring Service

Recently we introduced the Matrix Web Structuring Service. In short, this is a matrix-type Web structure plus SEO steps. It represents a new solution that likely only a Web structuring company can offer. Some of its characteristics are as follows:

  1. The common form of Web structuring is the hierarchic type with every page accessed via the home page. In contrast, the Matrix Web Structuring Service guides you directly to any page you want with the use of a search engine. The key to achieve this is to structurally optimize the entire website and implement SEO steps throughout.
  2. "Matrix-type" refers to the steps to bridge the disparity between the information a company sends and the information the users want. To take these steps, we use a tool named Quality Function Deployment (QFD). Users' demands are presented vertically and the information the company wants to send is presented horizontally in a matrix. We analyze the correlation between the two as we improve the pages, add more information as required, and bring the two types of information together.
  3. We regularly conduct an access log analysis, using our own unique method. Repeated hypothesizing and validation renew and improve the pages and keywords.

The Matrix Web Structuring Service is based on what is happening in reality. In other words, it means switching the entire website's information to one focused on user demands. So if you repeat the above process, you will inevitably increase the number of visitors to your website. The service uses a number of special tools and techniques, but it is not like casting a spell. It is based on the principle that no unwanted information should be replaced with information that is valuable to customers and that users should not be disappointed. We believe this is the ultimate method for improving websites.

We hope to propose this service to B2B companies that are finding it difficult to increase the number of visitors to their sites. We have already worked with more than ten companies, and some of these companies have seen the success of their websites improve by a factor of ten or more. Our clients are happy with what we were able to do for them.

You can expect even greater effects using our Web Standards Compliance Service as well.
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Generally, QFD is a tool used by companies that have introduced Six Sigma, and is designed for placing the quality the customers want (customers' demands) and the functions the company offers (service) into a matrix and properly embodying CTQ (critical to quality: most important factors).

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