August 5, 2005 Quick Report on SIGGRAPH 2005

Takashi Hashimoto
Executive Producer, Mitsue Media Creative

I would like to begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues, including the staff engaged in the project to exhibit at this year's SIGGRAPH, all the staff at Mitsue-Links who have provided us with direct and indirect support in our exhibition project and the staff who gave us powerful support, from on-site preparation to inauguration, despite sudden visit to the United States.

GO for it

"Then, go for it." Launched this year, our SIGGRAPH exhibition project originated from these words from our president. We saw the tide of Web content with our own eyes when we visited SIGGRAPH 2004 last year, and we were keen to take part in the exhibition as creators, in pursuit of future styles of Web content. This wish has now come true. This is why we are again in Los Angeles.

At 9:30 a.m. on July 27, 2005, we arrived at Los Angeles airport. As in our previous visit to view SIGGRAPH 2004 at almost the same time last year, the weather was hot. And on our way to this Californian city, we were as excited as we were last year, or even more so. The big difference was that this year we were participating in the event as an exhibitor and we had the mission to show our past achievement.

We had allowed one week for preparation in L.A. for our display. This was the first time we were participating in the SIGGRAPH exhibition and the progress was not as quick as we had expected. However, the atmosphere and the impression at the venue were such that we forgot our anxieties and felt that the time passed very quickly. Soon the day came when the exhibition was to open.

The SIGGRAPH 2005 exhibition opens!

I had been concerned about how much attention the display of our Web content could attract at the computer graphics conference, but it did not take long for me to realize that my worries had been misplaced.
As soon as the event was inaugurated at 10 a.m. on August 2, general visitors rushed towards the booths they wanted to see. Thirty minutes later, our exhibition booth finally received its first few visitors. Some visitors asked us questions with keen interest, some enjoyed watching and playing the demonstration on display, and some showed us their own work. In the morning, we were already busier than we had expected. Our booth was mainly displaying the rich content produced last year and earlier this year. Thankfully, many of the visitors to our booth gave us high marks for quality.

In talking with our visitors, I have learned that many of them have something that want to express but are seeking a solution to "how" to express it. Not only in technological aspects, they are also greatly interested in techniques of expression to make their products look more attractive. As I watch them enjoying our demonstration after our brief explanation, I realize the importance of creating cross-border content.

This is the same thing as I thought when I watched the Electronic Theater in SIGGRAPH 2004. I am really happy that I am here now. This year, I am here with a designer who is actually involved in production. He has shown great enthusiasm, saying that he must produce something from the inspiration that we receive here now.

This exciting experience will last for two more days.

Los Angeles, August 2, 2005

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