January 6, 2006 Greetings for the New Year

Masahi Takahashi

Please allow me to begin by wishing you a very happy New Year.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to our client companies for their exceptional support last year. We are deeply grateful. Now, I would like to briefly introduce our plans for this coming year. At Mitsue-Links, Co., Ltd. we strive to maximize the value and opportunity, and to win the confidence of our clients based on our Web technology, our basic mission. Here are the key themes for this year.


First, with respect to the standardization of technology, we have since last year focused on the Web standard. Many companies have understood its usefulness and have begun to implement it. To enable the Web standard to become more entrenched in the market, we will strengthen international cooperation and provide the latest technology. This technology and information will be released through our corporate website and also provided as part of our service.

Turning to consider accessibility and usability areas, we are pushing forward with our research into the adoption of packages that respond to our clients' needs for simpler implementation. In areas related to access log analysis, we have specialized in analyzing large websites using large-scale data mining software. In the future, we intend to provide services tailored to individual needs to support more meticulous analysis.

Structuring Technology

We have been seeking a new definition with "user experience" as the theme. We are directing our research to enable the effective combination of characters, images, sound and animation to strongly appeal to the people's five senses. We intend to develop structuring technology that improves the quality of the users' experience, using such tools as the topical Ajax.

The Direction of Our New Service

We have been undertaking research designed to improve the quality of service in the dedicated client model and now that we have accumulated expertise, we are ready to develop onsite and off-shore services in earnest this year.

For content management systems (CMS), we completed an implementation experiment using the expression engine with the help of our clients. This year, we will begin a new style of service that incorporates the Web standard as well as the blog function, including RSS into the basic system.

With respect to the concept Web 2.0, which has recently been an important issue in the industry, we plan to provide a new and unique service based on an interpretation suitable for an implementing company.


In the area of search engine optimization (SEO), we have built up a methodology in which the solution rests on a basic implementation, taking into account the fact that it is compatible with Web standards. Going forward, we will continue to develop our technology, incorporating peripheral tools in search engine marketing (SEM) and advertising areas as well as developing the content itself.

Our principle is to make use of marketing techniques in building a website. We undertake our marketing using an approach that applies common marketing techniques and rules to the Web. We then examine the effects and offer them to the market. We intend to apply more marketing methods to the Web in the future.

Rich and Expressive Media

With respect to the technological improvement in rich websites, we will strive to enhance the sensitivity and skills of our engineers by actively participating in exhibitions abroad as we did last year. We will also pursue our original expression in such services as Podcast Service and Videocast Service, interacting with sound and animation, and provide our clients with more stimulus and richer content.

We have a significant agenda to work on this year, but we also intend to develop new areas. Through these initiatives, all staff at our company will join together in helping our clients achieve sustainable businesses development.

We hope that you will continue to provide us with your guidance and encouragement in 2006.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.