October 13, 2015 INBOUND 2015 - Participation Report

Kosuke Tanaka
Producer, Video Production Team

I participated in INBOUND 2015, hosted in Boston from 8 September.

INBOUND 2015 was a stimulating conference that featured a wealth of guest speakers including marketing gurus such as Seth Godin, psychologists, journalists, comedians etc. The fact the selection of speakers wasn't limited to marketing specialists signposted to attendees that production of fresh content from various perspectives is important.

Furthermore, in relation to video, my specialism, participating in this conference introduced me to the latest developments in my field.

Beneficial Content, Valuable Information for Users

Inbound marketing is about the online provision of appealing content to attract customers - it allows potential customers to discover your company through search engines as well as through social media. Furthermore, the provision of original, useful, interesting and engaging content ensures viewers continue to return to your online channels.

Video is a very powerful medium with regard to content marketing - because of its simplicity combined with the potential to convey much factual and emotional information. I believe that as part of promotional activities for products and services, it is essential to use video to provide beneficial content as well as valuable information for users. Furthermore, video, whether live or animated, is an effective method that is relatively straightforward for companies to implement - for example, through the production of how to videos and expert interview videos - where the merits are almost immediate.

The Importance of Selection

Often with corporate video production is the tendency to target a broad audience, this usually results in content inserted in a somewhat overly dense, one-size-fits-all manner. Therefore, to truly engage the audience and drive conversions, it is essential to focus on specific target consumer needs together with an emphasis on the main information points. Related to this notion, was Seth Godin's quote regarding the importance of selection:

Bestsellers are bestsellers because they're made for some people, not for everyone.

INBOUND 2015 Participation

The speakers made many inspiring remarks that encouraged attendees to venture out and implement inbound - perhaps something of the American pioneering spirit! Personally, I received great encouragement and motivation from the conference. To ensure that I am ready to lead in these new marketing spheres, I hope to adopt a “why not?” mindset - where through trial and error, traditional methodologies are challenged and fresh thinking is stimulated.

Taking advantage of the latest trends and methodologies, we will continue to propose the optimum online video solutions for our clients.

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