October 4, 2016 Online Video – The Driving Force of the Digital Revolution / Special Contribution

Osman Tok
Partner Manager
movingimage GmbH

* We have received a contribution from Osman Tok of movingimage .

We live in a time of digital revolution. We are all a part of it and the driving force of this revolution is video. Let’s look at the figures: YouTube users are uploading over 400 hours of video content every minute. That’s equivalent to 66-years of video content every day. By 2018 almost 80% of worldwide internet traffic will be generated by video. This trend is steadily increasing. Just have a look at your everyday life, your mobile devices have two cameras and big screens for HD video streaming and new innovations such as 360° video. Look at how millennials are using video. We already live in the video age; print is a thing of the past. This also has a big impact on your company, as you need a system to manage the challenges of online video. The solution is to use an Enterprise Video Platform (EVP).

Large organizations increasingly depend on video for executive communications, event streaming, employee onboarding, corporate training, knowledge sharing, Investor relations, product videos, sales readiness, and much more. That means that different departments within organization are implementing video. With one central company-wide video platform you can immensely reduce costs.

For first-class online video streaming you need solutions that tackle secure and redundant hosting, role and rights management for backend users, a player that automatically detects your bandwidth and end-device as to deliver the most suitable streaming quality. Fast transcoding systems convert all video formats and files. How can you guarantee high quality video delivery worldwide at any time? movingimage does all this and much more in real time with the state-of-the-art EVP - VideoManager Pro.

movingimage is the leading European Enterprise Video Platform, a SaaS solution that offers an attractive blend of innovative products tailored to meet the demands of enterprises who use video as a core component in their corporate communication strategy. As a cloud-based out-of-the-box solution, VideoManager Pro is compatible with a broad range of enterprise software systems and enables your applications to run video – anytime and anywhere. Over 500 customers, including 23 out of 30 DAX companies, such as Volkswagen, Bayer, Allianz and BMW, already use the movingimage video platform.

With the ever increasing demand for innovative video solutions within the Japanese market, movingimage together with Mitsue Links, will host a seminar and present the key advantages of corporate video usage. We will introduce the core features of the movingimage Platform and focus on its cutting edge live streaming technology.

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