March 30, 2018 Mid-Career Recruitment Website Content Reimagined – Highlights and Message

Kazuto Nitta
Manager, HR Development Team
Human Resources & Business Planning Dept.

On the 30 March, we significantly updated our mid-career recruitment pages (in Japanese). In this Column, I'll share new content highlights as well as the reasoning behind the renewal.

Background to Update

The previous major update to our website recruitment pages (in Japanese) took place in December 2016. At that time, we changed the design to include photos of employees, reviewed content and how it was structured, and made it easier for users to access sought-after information. As a result, we created the opportunity for those considering a job change to learn much more about us - so much so that I often heard candidates during interview say that they've "read every page!"

On the other hand, some issues remained with the content - for example, the provision of appropriate information to jobseekers based on their present career stage. This was because as sought-after information differed for mid-career jobseekers, compared to new graduate hires, we felt that we needed to differentiate content and deliver appropriate information to both parties. So, to resolve this issue and design pages that are both simple to navigate and useful for people at every stage of their working life, we implemented this renewal.

Post-Renewal Highlights

When opening the new career recruitment information top-page, the first feature to catch viewer attention is the new video header. At the time of our previous renewal we used photographs of colleagues to provide a natural image of our company; this time, to further improve on this theme, we adopted a movie header which better conveys the vibrancy of our company. After receiving approval from colleagues, in the harmonious atmosphere of our head office, we were able to capture their many cheerful facial expressions. The video highlights scenes from within our company such as staff smiling as they share ideas in meetings and consulting their managers without hesitation – I'm proud that this video perfectly captures our attitude of "cooperating with colleagues to achieve goals." Toward the end of the video, our User Test Studio and recording studio are featured. Please check-out these high-quality facilities.

The renewal of the interview page is also noteworthy. To date, we've regularly posted interviews with our employees about life in the company. At the time of job interview, candidates often remark “I'm applying because I aspire to be a great designer/engineer/director etc. just like XX” based on the content they’ve read on our site. This is valuable in our consideration of candidates to join our company. However, these interview articles were not targeted at new graduates nor mid-career jobseekers but mixed and targeted prospective employees in general. Therefore, for this renewal, we decided to focus on staff who joined us mid-career and interview them regarding their thoughts about changing jobs, how their work content/role has changed since joining the company, and career prospects etc. We asked current employees questions such as "at your time of job change, what were your hopes and fears?" and "what kind of development are you pursuing?" so jobseekers can compare these views with their own situations. We hope this content provides jobseekers an insight into the success they can experience in our company? Please read the employee interview of the occupation that you are interested in.

Our Message

So far, I've discussed new and updated features, however there's another big theme. That is the concept to "link with your new self". Our name, Mitsue-Links, means to connect (link) three things - people, objects, information - and to develop together with society. In the sense that linking with your environment can lead to further development, I believe the same can be said for changing jobs. When people want to elevate their skills and position, it's important to encounter others who can provide the motivation and support to tackle challenging and exciting work. By linking with each other and working together, people can discover a new self and the path to stepping-up will be before them. Furthermore, we have the optimum environment and great colleagues that can provide this. So, please join Mitsue-Links and link to "your new self".

In Closing

For those that want to elevate their current skills and know-how, or those who are considering entering the world of website development and related-fields, I recommend that you visit our updated recruitment site. We'll continue updating the content from now on, so please be sure to check back regularly on our recruitment information pages.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.