March 15, 2019 Mitsue-Links, Doing Just Fine in the Osaka Area!

Yoshifumi Tatsuta
Osaka Office, General Manager

Commencing Operations with a Single Employee

In November 2012, our Osaka Office opened. Commencing with a sole employee, the office has been steadily growing its client base and adding employees.

Our competitors in Osaka at the time of opening were advertising agencies, small-scale web production companies, printing companies, and so on. Medium-sized companies specialized in providing web services, with around 300 employees, such as ours had the advantage of offering high-quality solutions but couldn't compete with smaller production companies in terms of speed and price. Furthermore, we couldn't triumph over advertising agencies as we couldn't satisfy client needs beyond web-related solutions.

From Regular Updating Services to Large-scale Customer-Focused Operation

In 2015, we received a request from a client to assist them with the operation of their website. Through our earnest, error-free operation we earnt much credibility and the nature of the client's requests changed from specific instructions such as “we would like to update this” to consultation requests such as “how should we operate?”. Working with that client, based on their perspectives and business goals, we decide on operation tasks, perform execution, verify results, and, if an issue, we modify the inputs until desired positive results are borne. This is a good example of our PDCA process in action.

With full support provided by our Tokyo head office, this single client website management project has become the largest in our organization with a total of more than 20 sites supported by nearly 30 people.

Due to Changes in Client Website Requirements, Expansion to Meet Needs in the Kansai Region

From around 2016, unlike at time of the inauguration of the Osaka office, client needs have been becoming more specialized. As clients seek significant website success, we're now receiving increasing numbers of enquiries from clients in the region as the once-dominant advertising agencies and small-scale production companies cannot meet the needs.

Finally, the time has arrived when we can match our specialisms with client needs. In Osaka too, the need for more advanced technologies and support, such as accessibility improvements, display speed optimization, and RPA introduction, has recently been rising.

The Now

At present, the Osaka office isn't limited to Osaka City, but has extended its reach into the surrounding Kinki region including Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and beyond. The office occasionally provides services to clients as far away as Nagoya and to other central and western areas of Japan.

While there are many large, prestigious companies in the Kinki region, companies with strengths in web development haven't made significant inroads into the Kansai area, so clients often remark that “other than Mitsue, there aren't any other companies with whom we can consult on web issues.”

These days, users desire quality websites built with improved technologies and delivered by people with a high level of expertise, so, as we have experience delivering solutions in this area, clients can consult us with confidence.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about support services etc.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.