May 22, 2020 Effectiveness of YouTube Video Ads for Companies – First of All, Let’s Inform Users of Services?

Mitsuteru Miyano
Manager, Video Dept.

Demand for Video is Still Growing

It is assumed that face-to-face business activities, which have been mainstream until now, will remain difficult to practice even after the lifting of emergency declarations called in response to the novel coronavirus. While the video advertising market has been expanding at an ever-increasing rate※1, it’s also said that, at this moment, demand continues to increase. This is because with online video it’s possible, in short instances of 5 to 30 seconds, to carry out sales activities that pinpoint target audiences.

Regarding strategic video advertising with YouTube, current initiatives are not only limited to consumer advertising but comprise a multitude of purposes.

Why YouTube Video Ads are Effective

YouTube video ads are defined as video advertisements that are played either at the beginning or in the middle of content being watched on YouTube.

Currently there are over 45 million YouTube users in Japan.※2 Of these users, it’s possible to target ads to those who, as assessed by Google, have specific interests, concerns, intentions, or user attributes. As a result, it’s both easy and effective to use the service for corporate advertising and there’s data that the number of companies posting ads on YouTube is doubling.※3

Benefits of Producing YouTube Video Ads with Mitsue-Links

In order to effectively serve YouTube video ads, in addition to creating advertising video content, certain technology is also required to effectively distribute videos. While we have much experience supporting client requests for separate video production and advertisement distribution, it has been difficult to create end-to-end strategies for effective video production and distribution combined. However through the provision of a one-stop service, from video planning to production and distribution, at Mitsue-Links we’ve now made it possible to provide robust strategies that deliver effective advertising campaigns.

With video production, data analysis and delivery each managed by respective industry experts as standard, we can provide total support all the way through to the design and development of linked websites. As a company, we recently launched YouTube video ads as part of our recruitment activities and searches for our company name have increased by 150% in two months. This is because of careful selection of the delivery timing and user targeting which is consistent with the recruiting site.

YouTube video ads can increase the awareness of companies, brands, products and services, and can be used for various purposes such as service introduction, recruitment activities and corporate PR.

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