September 25, 2020 Launching Mitsue Tech Radio!

UI Developer, Design Team

Looking back on our history, we, Mitsue-Links, have a deep connection with voice. Our initial business focused on the provision of integrated voice solutions and, as I write this Column, voice-related services, centered on recording and production, remain an integral part of our business.

This year we celebrated 30 years since our establishment, and, taking advantage of the opportunity to try something new, in September we launched our "Mitsue Tech Radio" podcast (links to Japanese-language page).

Around 10 years ago, under the title of "Accessibility Podcast", we prepared and distributed informative audio content that summarized topics related to accessibility. This time, however, our Mitsue Tech Radio podcast will go further to share various technology-related information on the theme of website production. In addition to technical design and development themes, our podcast will also introduce information on the latest trends and tools used in the web industry.

Toward More Casual Information Sharing

So, why did we start podcasting again? Well, we wanted to play our part in strengthening the web industry.

This year various events and conferences have either been canceled or postponed due to the impact of COVID-19. Even though many are now being held online, and while they are informative and stimulating, I feel that they lack a certain je ne sais quoi. That is to say, online events rarely generate the amount of enthusiasm and stimulation that emanates from many people gathered at a certain venue. This has a subsequent impact on people's motivation, and, as a result, I started to feel that the flows of information throughout our industry were slowing down.

Furthermore podcasts, both domestically and overseas, are experiencing a revival and have once again become a focus of attention. Deloitte Tohmatsu`s "Voice Content TMT Predictions 2020 - Japan Version" (in Japanese) picks up on the growth of audiobooks and podcasts, and introduces the latest audio content trends. I listen to podcasts on an almost daily basis, such as when commuting. Furthermore, the fact that users can listen to content in a "relaxed and carefree" manner means that podcasts are likely a good match for the current times.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 the opportunities for going out etc. have decreased, and, as a result, people are seeking better ways to spend time at home. While what constitutes a “better way” to spend time at home depends on the individual person, I believe that "enjoyable, relaxed and carefree" are important factors for most.

So, in these current times where a mood of self-restraint prevails, through using podcasts as a medium for users to obtain content easily and enjoyably, I would like to contribute to our industry as much as possible.

In Closing

While it’s anticipated that time spent at home as well as online will continue to increase for a while into the future, themes such as digital minimalism and digital well-being will likely become more important. Since modern society is getting busier leaving people only limited time yet, conversely, there is an excess of information, I believe that it’s important to generate fans who believe that "Mitsue-Links is creating informative podcast content, so I really want to listen!" While we are just getting started, we hope to produce podcasts that everyone can enjoy, so please don’t hesitate to subscribe (its free)!

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