September 7, 2018 Mitsue Family Day

On 23 August, we held Mitsue Family Day 2018. Mitsue Family Day is an annual event at which the family members of employees are invited to our offices and given a tour, lunch etc., the day also provides an opportunity for strengthened communication between colleagues of different departments.

A Colorful, Balloon Art Welcome

This annual event, which has continued for over 10 years, provides an opportunity for the family of staff members to learn a little more about our company. This year, to make the event even more memorable for attendees, we decorated our office with balloons.

Colleagues prepared and arranged balloons that created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Then, on the day, colleagues experienced in balloon art prepared many flowers and animals to please the many children in attendance. Once we opened the event, children rushed over to the balloons with glee.

Staff Communication, Commemorative Photographs

After enjoying the balloon art and having commemorative photos taken, our executive officers gave a welcome address and a brief overview of our business activities. It was then time for the office tour. There were further photos taken while sitting in Mom or Dad's seat and we created original souvenir business cards for all children attendees - after which they were challenged to exchange cards with colleagues.

The office was enveloped in a very friendly, energetic atmosphere as colleagues and their families enjoyed fun interactions. Finally, we took participants to Hilton Tokyo's Marble Lounge for lunch, where all enjoyed delicious cuisine and a fun family time.

In order to continue hearing attendees comment "I really enjoyed today" and “I'd like to participate again”, we aim to further create such inspiring events so that more families can participate in the future.