News Release

  1. Mitsue-Links and Bowen Craggs & Co Working Together in the Japanese Market
  2. Audio AI Channel Creation for Amazon Echo Service Released (in Japanese)
  3. Website Operation RPA Introduction Support Service Released (in Japanese)
  4. UX Growth Hack Service Released (in Japanese)
  5. Commenced Offering of Google Analytics Configuration and Improvement Proposal Service Free-of-Charge (first-time limited) (in Japanese)
  6. EPUB Accessibility Diagnosis – Service Release (in Japanese)
  7. For Google Site Search Users, “FindSupporter Easy Migration Plan” - Service Release (in Japanese)
  8. PWA Support - Service Release (in Japanese)
  9. 2Way Video Service Launched (in Japanese)
  10. Joint Press Release: Commenced Provision of WorldSpace Comply Japanese Language Version – an Accessibility Check Tool (in Japanese)
  11. Joint Press Release: Working with Germany’s movingimage to Setup Operations in the Japanese Market (in Japanese)
  12. Joint Press Release: Cooperation with Spelldata, Inc. to Improve Web Content Display Performance (in Japanese)
  13. Joint Press Release: Entered Ptmind’s PtOne Partner Program to Provide Integrated Dashboard Services (in Japanese)
  14. MLC Enterprise Cloud on AWS – CMS Package WebRelease Service Launched (in Japanese)
  15. Mitsue-Links and Germany's movingimage working together in the Japanese market
  16. ”UI Improvement Platform Operation Support” Service Release
  17. Mitsue-Links Signs Partnership Agreement with Sunbridge - Becomes “Marketo” Automated Marketing Tool Distributor
  18. Notice regarding PRONEXUS INC's acquisition of 20% of Mitsue-Links' stock (1,357 shares)
  19. Multi-Screen Design Standards Support Commencement
  20. Mitsue-Links Launches “UX research in Japan” Service
  21. Joint Press Release: Mitsue-Links Offers Japanese Localized Version of Deque Systems Worldspace
  22. Mitsue-Links Releases Contact Management System
  23. Mitsue-Links Releases High Quality Video Solution
  24. Mitsue-Links Releases Web Rubato
  25. Mitsue-Links Releases Flash Video Commercials
  26. Mitsue-Links Releases Keyword Survey Service
  27. Mitsue-Links Releases Videocast Service for Business Activities
  28. Mitsue-Links Releases Podcast Service for Business Activities
  29. Mitsue-Links Releases Web Marketing Survey of Competing Sites
  30. Mitsue-Links Achieves CMMI Level 2 First in the Japanese Web Industry
  31. Mitsue-Links Releases Web Standards Compliance Service
  32. Mitsue-Links Releases Blog Configuration Service for Business Activities
  33. Mitsue-Links Self-Declares World's First Compliance with ISO10002 "Quality management -- Customer satisfaction -- Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations (issued on July 1, 2004)"