July 28, 2006 Mitsue-Links Releases Web Rubato

Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masashi Takahashi; hereinafter "Mitsue-Links") has released Web Rubato, a CMS solution that acts as a platform for diverse websites. Our "Web Rubato" adopts an open-source CMS tool to enable website construction based on detailed information design. It allows the CMS tool to be used as a platform for content development to provide more powerful web content with a shorter delivery lead time than in the case of development from scratch.

Types of Web Rubato Offered

Corporate Type
The CMS allows individual sections to independently update their online content as simply as e-mail. Also it can be configured to require all updates to be approved by an authorized person.
Journal Type
Introduction of the CMS opens the way for developing a proofreading process flow to ensure content updates with increased accuracy and speed.
Membership Type
The membership control function of the CMS may be used to create open content for general users and closed content for registered members. Also it can serve as an information portal on the Intranet.
Knowledge Management Type
Supporting tagging and categorization for data classification and intra-site search, it allows users to obtain the information they want from diverse aspects.
Rich Content Type
The CMS performs management of assets constituting rich content to enable flexible provision of services.
Mobile Type
By defining a template for mobile websites with the use of the CMS, it is possible to update regular websites and mobile websites simultaneously at one time.
Part Type
Information design for existing content is used as is while the CMS is introduced to that part of the website that is subject to frequent updates.

Details of the Web Rubato

About Mitsue-Links

Mitsue-Links is one of Japan's top information integrators, providing unique services centered on digital content and boasting countless achievements in support of IT business since the company's founding in 1990, which some say was the dawn of the IT field. Based on your company's own corporate strategy, we offer comprehensive service for all enterprise requirements including consulting, marketing, analysis, planning, layout/structuring, design, production, large-scale application development, planning/development of client communications, and site operation/maintenance. Mitsue-Links provides these services based on our unique and creative methodology, thereby enabling project management, project risk management, and usability management that organically integrate all our services and maintain their consistency.

Mitsue-Links is also one of the top companies both at home and abroad in terms of compliance to international and Japanese standards for process management. We have obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management), BS7799 (Information Security in the U.K.), ISMS (Information Security Management System), Privacy Mark System and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level2 certification. We also comply with ISO10002 (Complaints Handling Standard), ECS2000 (Ethics Compliance Standard), ISO13407 (Human-Centered Design) and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standard) among other standards.

Details about our company can be viewed at the following website.
Mitsue-Links Website:http://www.mitsue.co.jp/

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