May 11, 2012 Mitsue-Links Launches “UX research in Japan” Service

Masashi Takahashi, CEO of Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), is proud to announce the commencement of the “UX research in Japan” initiative which assists overseas companies with the introduction of their products and services to Japan.

Businesses entering the Japanese market may experience limitations with their expansion due to market differences. Therefore, it is necessary to localize the products and services through an in-depth understanding of the Japanese culture and values.

To facilitate the growth of your company in Japan, Mitsue-Links undertakes a local UX research study, from development to evaluation, in order to identify the specific needs and receptiveness of the domestic market.

In addition, we are members of the UXalliance - an association of more than 300 UX experts based within 55 test centers around the World. Therefore, should you wish to conduct an investigation, you can order us directly or through the UXalliance partner based in your home country.

Service Summary

Mitsue-Links can prepare the UX research plan, recruit participants, run surveys, undertake usability tests and produce comprehensive reports. In addition, we are able to perform translations of documents, provide live test streaming, offer audio and video recording with simultaneous translation and hold briefing/debriefing sessions.

“UX research in Japan” Service Details,

About the UXalliance

The UXalliance is an international network of 25 user experience companies encompassing over 300 usability professionals. The alliance was founded in 2005 by UX professionals from Europe and the US with the aim of improving usability. The UXalliance now includes members in 25 countries. Mitsue-Links became a partner of the alliance in 2007.

About Mitsue-Links

Mitsue-Links is one of Japan's top information integrators, providing unique services centered on digital content and boasting countless achievements in support of IT business since the company's founding in 1990. Mitsue-Links offers comprehensive services for all enterprise requirements including consulting, marketing, analysis, planning, layout/structuring, design, production, large-scale application development, planning/development of client communications, and site operation/maintenance. Mitsue-Links provides these services based on its unique and creative methodology, thereby enabling organically integrated total project management.

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