About Mitsue-Links

Shinjuku Grand Tower on the outside

Mitsue-Links, leading client's businesses to sustainable development, is one of Japan's leading communication design companies.

We have been providing unique business solutions centered on digital content since our founding in 1990, at the dawn of the information technology revolution.

Based on our client's marketing and branding needs, and centered on digital media, we offer a comprehensive array of services including content (including video and audio) as well as UI planning, design, implementation, website construction, operation-centered system development, application development, accessibility/usability improvement and analytics.

Mitsue-Links, through the coordination of high technical quality, process quality and service quality, seeks to create both functional and emotive value that contributes to corporate and societal development.

We are certified through the following domestic and international certification bodies:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management (International certification of a quality management system)*
  • ISO 27001/ISMS (International certification of an information security management system)*
  • Privacy Mark System (Accredited by Japan Information Processing Development Corporation)
  • Maturity level 2 of CMMI (International certification of Capability Maturity Model Integration)
  • * Certified Offices: Head Office, Studio.


Through Quality Communication, Bringing Smiles to the World

Identity / Mission

Smart Communication Design Company


Pioneering Quality
To achieve our mission, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality of technical excellence, quality of process, and quality of service.


Corporate Culture

To be socially strong, organizationally fun, and individually friendly.

Working Environment

10% Process, 90% Independence

Code of Conduct

  • To be client-focused
  • To keep challenging ourselves, and to create value and optimism
  • To swiftly take the initiative with new ideas and the latest trends
  • To continuously strive for technological innovation and quality improvements throughout all processes
  • To treat adversity as an opportunity, and to enjoy doing so

The Origins of the Our Name

The origin of our name is an interesting story about who we are. Mitsu, which means three in Japanese, represents people, objects, and information, the three key components of our business. “Links” refers to the networking of these three components, while the “e” following “Mitsu” is an abbreviated pronunciation of the Chinese character for “prosperity”, and it refers to our development along with society.

Mitsue-Links Logo


The links

The three (Mitsu) links represent “people”, “things” and “information”, which are the origin of Mitsue-Links.

The colors

  • Green: Represents the kindness of “individually friendly”.
  • Red: Represents the enthusiasm of “organizationally fun”.
  • Blue: Represents the power of “socially strong”.

The shape

The shape of our logo extending diagonally right-up represents our voluntary efforts in contributing to social development.

This logo was created at the time of our founding in 1990.