Service History

1990 August Commenced Integrated Information Services for both Mass-media and Personal-media
October Developed Telefax System (a Linked System Combining Voice Response with Fax Information)
1991 March Provided Interactive Voice Support Service for Tokyo Gubernatorial Candidate
June Launched Media-linked Telephone Service for Job Advertisement Magazine
1992 June Configuration and Support for R Company's “Delta Mail” Voice Mail Service
August Commencement of Voice Transfer Digital Forwarding Service
November Provision to Toshiba of Voice Data Technological Development in the Field of Speech Recognition
1993 January Provision to Mitsubishi Electric of Voice Data Technological Development in the Field of Speech Recognition
March Provision of “Sports Zenpin” Sound Bulletin Service to Newspaper Publisher
August Provision to KDDI of Voice Data Technological Development in the Field of Speech Recognition
September Began Supplying Government Agencies with Voice Response Systems Provided by NTT Corporation
October Provision of Voice Answer System to IBM Japan
November Provision of “Clear Image Output” System, Japan`s First Fax Content, to IBM Japan
Proposed and Implemented Revolutionary Fax Information Distribution Methods to Game Maker
December Commenced Fax Content Production Service
Launched Digital Image Fax Transfer Service
1994 January Provision to Oki Electric of Voice Data Technological Development in the Field of Speech Recognition
March Planning and Management of Game Makers' Fax Information Service (in terms of Fax Promotion, this Service had the Highest Access in Japan)
April Provision of Text Data Information Support for Karaoke Company
May Provision of Voice Answer System to Matsushita Electronics
July Provision of Telephone Planning and Management Services for Game Maker
August Production of Game Sound Content (Character Voice/Actions, BGM, New Songs) for Game Maker
September Provision to Apple Computers of Voice Data Technological Development in the Field of Speech Recognition
October Responsible for the Launch and Support Provision of R Company's “Telephone B-ing” Sound Content
Production of Video Enabled Distribution System for an IBM GUI Supported Computer Correspondence Service
Production and Management of a Game Maker's Promotional Video
November Commenced Internet Business
1995 May Commenced Web Content Provision to Major Publisher
June Developed a Beer Garden Website for Brewer
July Changed Name from Mitsuei Links to Mitsue-Links
August Order for Tokyo International Good Living Show's Official Site
September Order for Intel Japan Website
October Order from Game Maker for Website Renewal
November Website Development for Automaker
Commenced Internet Systems (Program Development) Operations
December Development of Museum Website for Power Company
Provision of Web Content to R Company
1996 February Development of Site Search System for Major Recruitment Site
May Commencement of Data Processing Project, also New Office Establishment
July Development of an Online Credit Card Sign-up System for Internet Providers
October Development of Online Education System for Large Preparatory School
Developed NTT's Virtual Mall Website
December Involvement in Web Content Creation for Tetsuya Komuro's 24 Hour Live Concert Broadcast by Internet
1997 March Provision of Content to Large Electronics Maker
May Dispatch of Director for Residency at R Company's ”One to One Business“
November Provision of Voice Response System for a Major Computer Manufacturer
1998 October Execution of Outsourcing Contract with Major Publisher
November Received Orders for Development of 2 PlayStation Games
1999 May Launched Video Streaming Content Creation Service
2000 March First in the Industry be accredited with ISO9001 International Standard for Quality Assurance, Strengthening our Commitment to Quality Enhancement
2001 January First in the Industry be accredited with ISO14001 Environmental Management System Standard, Strengthening our Commitment to Social Responsibility
March Announcement of CMS (Content Management Strategy) Integrated Management System
April Commencement of Business with Hilton Hotels
May Launched IT Operation Service and Enhanced Operational Support
September First to Establish JIS Z 9920 Japanese Complaints Management System, Reinforcing our Commitment to Clients at Times of Discord
First in Japan to be accredited with British Standard BS7799, Strengthening Risk Management in Relation to Information Security
2002 February Introduced the Six Sigma Method In-house, Strengthening Client Support Services
August Launched Usability Testing Service to Promote User Centered Design
November First in Japan to establish ECS2000 Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility Management System, Strengthening Social Responsibility
Website Renewal Strategy Reinforced
Development of Project Management Technique “MiPro-1”, Strengthening Project Management Systems
2003 July Acquired Certification Under the “Privacy Mark System” Reflecting our Commitment to Protection of Personal Information
Commenced Business Cooperation with Established Portal Site Operator to Provide On-site Work
September Acquired Seal from TRUSTe Privacy Program, Reflecting our Compliance in Protecting Personal Information on the Web. The Seal Further Reinforced our Data Protection System
October Undertook Organizational Reform, Strengthened External Strategy
Launched Information Security Consulting Service
Launched Protection of Personal Information Consulting Service
December Launched “Sustainability Solution”, an Online Sustainability Reporting Service.
Development of Multi-User Type Game Using FCS
2004 April Website Renewal in Conformance with Web Standards
Registered as W3C Member
Launched Text Structure and Visual Representation “Web Standards Compliance Service”
June Launched “Matrix Web Building Services” to Highlight Ability to Attract Potential Customers
Achieved Partial Conformation to WCAG
Launched Website Development Service which Ensures Compliance with W3C's WCAG Web Accessibility Guidelines
Launched Website Construction Services that Conform to JIS X 8341-3. A Web Accessibility related Japanese Industrial Standard
Released CSR Website
August Launched “Blog Configuration Service” for Corporate Activities
First in Japan to Established Complaints Management System ISO10002, Strengthening our Commitment to Customer Services
October Attainment of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 2
2005 September Launched Podcast Service for corporate activities
October Launched Videocast Service for corporate activities
December Launched Content Hole Solution
2006 January Launched Onsite Service
Launched Ajax NAVI
Launched Offshore Service
February Launched 3S-matching Website Development Service
May Released Flash Video Commercials
Launched Keyword Survey Service
July Released Web Rubato
October Launched High Quality Video Solution
November Released Contact Management System
December Launched Standard Web Notation Design Service
Launched e-Learning Solution
2007 January Launched MovieRotation
Started providing a video streaming service for iPod
Launched Eye Tracking Analysis Service
March Launched Localization Service
June Launched the news site “Mediajam” (beta version)
Launched Persona-and-Scenario Development Service
Launched User Behavior Survey and User Demand Analysis Service
Released Visualarchive
Launched Standard Web Notation Diagnostic Service
August Launched User Test Studio
September Launched Screen Reader Testing
November Launched CMS Solution (eZ Publish)
December Launched Support Service for Meta-Information Provision
Launched CSM Survey and Consulting Service for Improving the Customer Experience
2008 February Launched Landing Page Production Service
Launched Flash Video (FLV) File Creation Service
March Launched “mediajam solution (mediajam mini)”
Launched Microformats Implementation Service
May Launched “mediajam solution (mediajam LinkMaker)”
June Launched “TrendDoctor: Internet Viewer Rating Analysis”
July Launched Accessible Flash Content Development Service
Launched iPhone SiteConverter
Released Auto Validator
Launched Accessibility User Testing Service
October Launched Website Operation Diagnostic Service
2009 January Launched Access Analysis Report creation Service
Launched Access Analysis Service
Launched Website Management Reform Consulting
Launched Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution
March Released Web Signage
Launched IR Site Content Diagnostic Service
April Launched Web Accessibility Development Service
May Launched Web Accessibility Consulting
Launched Web Accessibility Maintenance Support Service
Launched Media Site Development Service
June Launched Accessible PDF Development Service
July Launched UserWhiz, a remote usability testing service
September Launched FindSupporter, a search solution
2010 April Launched Twitter Monitoring Analysis Service
June Launched Website Optimization Service for Smartphones
Launched Entry Form Optimization Service
August Launched Google Analytics Consulting
October Launched Product Promotion Content Development
November Launched Twitter Starter Pack
December Launched Google Analytics LinkMaker
Launched Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WorldSpace)
2011 April Launched Facebook Starter Pack
June Launched MAL — MITSUE-LINKS ActionScript Library
September Launched Custom Widget Generator
Launched Facebook User Support
Launched Facebook Operation Support
Launched Usability Testing for Smartphones and Tablet Terminals
November Started providing a service for holding a UX design workshop
December Launched Mobile Accessibility Support Service
Launched Accessible JavaScript Support Service
2012 February Launched SEO Consulting
March Launched SMO Solution
Launched Internal SNS Solution
Launched Social SEO
April Launched Google Webmaster Tools Consulting
Launched Responsive Web Design
May Launched UX research in Japan
June Launched SEO Quality Diagnostics
Launched SNS Integrated Analytics
Launched VideoPlayerR2
Launched Video Marketing
July Launched Google Analytics Client Survey
Launched application UI Design
October Launched ASP/Saas Site Internal Search System (FindSupporter Cloud)
November Launched Windows Store App Development
2013 March Launched Google Analytics Premium Consulting
April Launched Inbound Marketing Support
2014 April Launched Responsive Email Design
July Launched Google Analytics A/B Test Support
August Launched Structured Data Offer Support
2015 February Marketing Automation Introduction and Support
March Launched Global Website Operation & Management
May Launched Operation Assessment
June Launched UI Platform & Operation Improvement Support
July Launched Original Music Production
August Launched Video Centric Web Production Support
2016 January Launched Character Creation
June Launched MLC Enterprise Cloud on AWS
Launched MLC Enterprise Cloud on AWS CMS Package - WebRelease
Launched Findability Improvement
July Launched AMP Support
August Launched Integrated Dashboard (DataDeck)
Launched Site Display Performance Improvement
Launched Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WorldSpace Comply)
September Launched Continuous SSL/TLS Support
Launched Video Content Delivery / Management Tool (VideoManager)
Launched Presentation Streaming Tool (Webcast)
October Launched MLC Enterprise Cloud on AWS Web Security Robustness Enhancement Solutio - WebARGUS
November Launched Google Optimize Support
Launched Google Data Studio Support
Launched 2Way Video
2017 January Launched In-Company Accessibility Support
February Launched Accessible Rich Content Support
March Launched MLC Enterprise Cloud on AWS Content Asset Infrastructure Solution
April Launched Accessible Video Production
June Launched PWA Support
July Launched EPUB Accessibility Diagnosis
September Launched UX Growth Hack Service
Launched Information Architecture (IA) Workshop Program
October Launched Web Push Notifications
Launched Flash Content Conversion Service
November Launched Cloud CMS on BIGLOBE – WebRelease
2018 February Launched Website Operation RPA Support
March Launched Voice AI Channel Creation Program for Amazon Echo
April Launched Website Quality Control: “Web Checker”
October Launched Web Content Delivery Auto-Optimization
2019 February Launched Smart Speaker (VUI) Application Development
July Launched Cloud CMS on AWS - WebRelease (S3 Hosting)
October Launched Performance & Security Solution by Cloudflare
2020 February Launched AI-DigiCa with AI inside
Launched RPA Anshin Fixed-Rate Pack
March Launched Global Website Best Practice Survey
May Launched Remote onsite
2022 January Launched e-Links: Online Learning for Professional Development