Corporate History

1990 July Mitsuei-links Co, Ltd. Establishment (2 million yen capital).
1991 March Office relocation.
May Audio recording studio opened.
1992 April Capital increased to 6 million yen.
June Participated in International Audio Systems Exhibition.
July Capital increased to 10.5 million yen.
August Digital audio recording studio opened.
1993 September Office expanded.
1994 November Internet Business Preparatory Office opened.
1995 March Web Design Department created on the Internet.
July The company name was changed to “Mitsue-Links” from “Mitsuei-Links”.
August Office relocation
November System (program development) business launched on the Internet.
1997 July Capital increased to 15 million yen.
1998 April Capital increased to 20 million yen.
May Office expanded.
September Capital increased to 30 million yen.
September Outsourcing Division expanded.
1999 May Streaming content (video delivery) production service launched.
July Office expanded.
September Capital increased to 35 million yen.
2000 March ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification acquired, an industry first.
March Office expanded.
August Contribution to Japanese Red Cross Society started to commemorate 10-year anniversary since company's founding.
October Capital increased to 45 million yen.
December New personnel system comprised of process-based salary, MBO-based salary, and results-based salary developed (MBO: Management by objectives).
2001 January ISO14001 (Environmental Management) certification acquired, an industry first.
May New business office opened with launch of IT operations service.
September Self-declaration of conformance with JIS Z 9920 (Complaints Handling Standard), a first in Japan.
September BS7799 (Information Security in the U.K.) certification acquired, a first in Japan.
2002 February Six sigma introduced as a problem-solving technique (Start of in-house training).
March Capital increased to 60 million yen.
May Office expanded.
August ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification acquired.
November Self-declaration of conformance with ECS2000 (Ethics Compliance Standard), a first in Japan.
2003 March Capital increased to 75 million yen.
July Privacy Mark System certification acquired.
2004 April Registration as W3C member.
June Office expanded.
August World's first declaration of voluntary compliance with ISO10002, the international standard for complaints handling management systems.
October Achievement of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 2.
Compliance with OHSAS18001, the standard for occupational health and safety.
2005 March Capital increased to 99.8 million yen.
August Office relocation.
October Studio relocation.
2006 July Office expanded.
2007 April Office expanded.
June User Test Studio establishment.
September Became a Partner of the UXalliance.
2008 January Office expanded.
November Jointly established eZ Systems Japan with eZ Systems AS.
2009 April Construction of a new school building completed at the Abebech Gobena Orphanage, Ethiopia.
December Participated in HTML5 Japanese Interest Group.
Established, a (beta) website that analyzes the influences of tweets.
2010 April Started supporting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 by default.
Our CSR activity, “Ethiopia Five Year Project” was introduced by the BS-TBS TV program, Mirai-eno Okurimono [Gift for the Future]
August Accredited as a Google Analytics Certified Partner.
December Started providing the Japanese version of WorldSpace, a web accessibility evaluation tool.
2012 April Commenced Complete Responsive Web Design Service.
July Office relocation.
November Sendai Branch Office establishment.
Osaka Branch Office establishment.
2013 January 24-7 Inc. (Head Office located in Sapporo, Hokkaido) became a consolidated subsidiary.
October Started Multi-Screen Design Standards Service.
November Capital Alliance with PRONEXUS Inc.
2014 April Office expanded.
August Studio relocation.
2015 January Commenced services under the “Operation First” slogan.
April Osaka Branch Office relocation.
June Launched UI Platform & Operation Improvement Support Service.
2016 August Osaka Branch Office expanded.
2017 September Launched UX Growth Hack Service.
2018 January Osaka Office expanded.
May Second User Test Studio establishment.
2020 January Sendai Office expanded.