January 23, 2015 The Role of YouTube in Business Promotion

Kousuke Tanaka

Recently, employees in advertising and public relations departments are feeling the necessity to engage in the domain of digital marketing, however, despite this, we are hearing of numerous cases where plans do not progress as anticipated. Therefore, we are increasingly offering consultations for our clients that have an interest in owning a YouTube channel but are unsure of set-up and management best practice.

In March 2014, research published by America`s Shareaholic.com on the behavior of people referred from major SNS to other websites revealed that with YouTube referrals both the average session duration time, at 3 minutes 48 seconds, and the average number of page views per visit, 2.99 pages, were highest. Furthermore, the average bounce rate of 43.19% showed the best performance when compared with other SNS.

The formula for YouTube’s success? Firstly, videos directly appeal to our visual and aural senses: they leave an impression. This means that video is one of the optimum techniques to - disseminate both company activities and service information to target audiences, provide impetus to lure potential customers, play an important role in brand building, and to convey complicated information in more comprehensible ways. Secondly, when YouTube users are referred to corporate sites the level of interest aroused by the video content is maintained and they consequently spend more time reading and viewing content. Therefore, we can say with confidence that YouTube is a superior SNS with regard to the opportunities provided for generating an interest in your business.

At Mitsue-Links, we have many years of experience in the corporate sphere with regard to information technology services and the support of owned media operations. Furthermore, we offer a one-stop service with regard to video production - from initial scoping and proposal preparation, through to actual production and editing. Taking advantage of such knowledge, we have inaugurated a “Corporate YouTube Channel Set-up / Management Support”.

  1. Scoping
  2. Policy Formulation
  3. Video Production / Editing
  4. Establishment of Official Corporate Channel
  5. Operation
  6. Measurement / Reporting

We offer a broad range of one-stop solutions, based on our extensive know-how, to ensure that our clients meet their prescribed goals. Our services include: movie planning, production, recording and editing; site publication work, measurement of effectiveness/analytics. Our services can be employed for product and service promotion, recruiting, showcasing examples and producing videos for events/seminars etc.

With regard to online marketing, the role of video will increasingly grow in importance. It is said that already half of Japanese internet users routinely access YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube is not only an important social media platform but it is also referred to as the world`s second largest search engine, so if you are considering using YouTube for corporate marketing activities or campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tines on Site; YouTube 227.82, Google+ 188.54, LinkedIn 133.10, Twitter 123.10, Facebook 127.44, Pinterest 64.67, reddit 81.16,StumbleUpon 54.09. Pages/Visit; YouTube 2.99, Google+ 2.45, LinkedIn 2.23,Twitter 2.15, Facebook 2.03, Pinterest 1.71, reddit 	1.58, StumbleUpon 1.50. Bounce Rate; YouTube 43.19%, Google+ 50.63%, LinkedIn 51.28%, Twitter 56.35%, Facebook 56.35%, Pinteres 56.35%, reddit 70.16%, StumbleUpon 67.46%.

Source: “Social Referrals That Matter”, a 2014 Shareaholic.com research report that was conducted over a 5 month period from September 2013 to February 2014 and targeting over 200,000 sites and more that 250 million unique users.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.