Our Corporate YouTube Channel Setup service provides support to enterprises seeking to leverage online video for their marketing activities - from initial policy formulation, through to content planning, video production and editing, YouTube channel establishment, and video submission. In addition, we offer support for channel operation such as result measurement/analytics and the devising of improvement proposals.

Service Details

We have many years of experience with regard to facilitating communication between enterprises and their clients as well as providing comprehensive support to our clients' owned media activities. Furthermore, we have a strong track record with regard to the provision of a fully comprehensive one-stop service to support client business goals.

So, take advantage of our video production expertise - from the establishment of a channel, through video production and editing, to account management.

Channel Policy Formulation

Based on the outcomes of the scoping meeting, we produce a management policy that clearly defines the objectives of the proposed YouTube channel, determines what kind of video content will lead to marketing success for your company, and in what ways the channel would be coordinated with existing corporate sites and SNS.

Establishment of Official Channel

We offer procedural guidance on the setup and launch of a corporate YouTube channel; we also create cover images etc. If requested, we can act on a client`s behalf with regard to channel establishment / configuration.

Video Production

In accordance with your policy and budget, we perform content planning, coordination, scenario development, filming, and editing.

Content Management

At the time of video submission, we offer support for thumbnail production, tag configuration, video caption/explanatory notes, and annotation.

Moreover, from data measurement of the channel’s effectiveness we locate areas for improvement and ensure that they form part of an enhanced policy.

Service Flow

  1. Scoping
  2. Policy Formulation
  3. Video Production / Editing
  4. Establishment of Official Corporate Channel
  5. Operation
  6. Measurement / Reporting

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.