September 20, 2019 Mitsue Conference 2019 “KAIZEN DAY” Event Information

Kazuhito Kidachi
Corporate Director (CTO)

On the 22 November, we will hold our first ever Mitsue Conference 2019 “KAIZEN DAY” (in Japanese).

At this event, experts in six specialist fields, UX, Video, SEO, CMS, Accessibility, and Guideline Writing, will hold short seminars all touching on the common theme of improvement, or, as it's known locally, “KAIZEN”. We'll also offer simultaneous individual consultations on a range of improvement themes. We believe that the content covered at our Conference will contribute to improvements in attendee web content and web operation work.

Each seminar session is 35 minutes in length, and it's possible to apply to attend all six or just the specific sessions that are of personal interest. Applications will be received on a first-come-first-served basis and will close once the session has reached capacity. The title and times are as follows:

  • Session 1: Realizing Website Improvement Through the "Weaving" of Design and UX (13:30 - 14:05)
  • Session 2: Corporate Video Blunders and Failure : Prescriptions for Improvement (14:15 - 14:50)
  • Session 3: With SEO, what Improvement Measures are More Important than Display Performance? (15:00 - 15:35)
  • Session 4: Committing to a Business Diet with CMS Transfer (15:50 - 16:25)
  • Session 5: Start Today! Understanding Current Web Accessibility - Assessment and Tips for Improvement (16:35 - 17:10)
  • Session 6: Improved Design Consistency for Improved Branding (17:20 - 17:55)

Please visit the event details page (in Japanese) for an overview of each session and speaker information. With participation in all sessions, attendees will be able to sample our technical capabilities and learn more about our one-stop, multi-discipline services and solutions.

Individual consultations are determined through a lottery format and these can be applied for during the same six time slots as the seminars listed above. Our capacity for individual consultation is limited to two companies per designated time slot.

There may be some Conference attendees who wish to evade our corresponding consultation sessions due to concerns about one-directional sales promotions. However, let me reassure you that, under our slogan “operation first,” the purpose of the individual corporate consultations is to understand attendees' daily business challenges and concerns and then work together to consider appropriate improvements. Therefore, please don't hesitate to apply.

To those who've already applied, I would like to say thank you - almost all applicants so far hope to attend all sessions. Considering that our usual seminars are two hours long, we are grateful to those who will join us for an extended period. With this Conference, we'd like to provide attendees with a clear understanding of each of our strengths and see them leave here with some tips for website "improvement".

In addition to our seminar room being used as a venue for this event, our break room, an adjacent open space, will also be used. Our Conference coincides with a time when school festivals and cultural events are held, so we hope that attendees can relax and feel that their participation is akin to attending such a festival.

We look forward to your application to attend our inaugural Mitsue Conference.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.