November 6, 2020 Mitsue Conference 2020 “Living with the Coronavirus: Mikata”

Kazuhito Kidachi
Corporate Director (CTO)

As autumn deepens, we are approaching the date of this year’s Mitsue Conference (November 20th). For those who are aware of this event or have already applied to participate, I apologize, but I would again like to share information about the Conference.

Mitsue Conference is a half-day event that consists of a series of mini seminars (hereinafter, sessions) on multiple themes and perspectives. Last year, the venues for the event were our Seminar Room and adjacent Break Room, and we were grateful to the many clients who participated. This year, however, we will hold the event online to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

If you are interested in joining a session but find it difficult to set aside half a day, please don't worry! As long as you’ve applied to attend the Conference, it’s possible to enter and leave the sessions at any time, and it doesn't matter for how long you attend each session. Although, as each session is a relatively brief 30 minutes, we hope that you can join from start to finish (and which we would, of course, be very happy if you could do so).

Well, the theme of this year's Mitsue Conference is “Living with the Coronavirus: Mikata”. Compared to last year’s Conference theme of "Improvement Day", which was a simple and relatively easy-to-understand concept, this year’s is more abstract and so it may be more difficult to envisage what kind of sessions are being held.

The titles and timeslots of each session are listed below, for more information please see the Mitsue Conference 2020 page (in Japanese).

  • Session 1: Maximizing Opportunities, Values and Trust through Websites : A Rethink (13:30 -14:00)
  • Session 2: Implementing Remote User Surveys (14:05-14:35)
  • Session 3: In an Era of Online Communication, Making an “Ally” of Video (14:40-15:10)
  • Session 4: Using Accessibility Check Tools and "Perspectives" on Results (15:20-15:50)
  • Session 5: In the with Corona Era, Nurturing the use of B2B MA Tools (15:55-16:25)
  • Session 6: The Virtuous Cycle of Enterprise Websites and Modern Web Development (16:30-17:00)

As you may have noticed in some of the session titles above, both "ally" and "perspectives" were written, in Japanese both words are phonetically written as "mikata", hence the theme, and title, of this Conference. The novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has caused or expedited major social changes, and I believe that webmasters have also faced various difficulties and challenges. In this era of living with the coronavirus, which will likely continue for a while, we would like to provide new "perspectives" for such specialists whilst simultaneously become an "ally" for all ... this year's theme was decided with this notion in mind.

The speakers for each Conference session are all in-house experts active in their respective fields (UX, video utilization, accessibility, digital marketing, system development, etc.). Although time is fairly limited, we would like to provide useful hints and advice from various perspectives for "future" website development and operation.

By the way, in Session 1, positioned as a keynote speech for the entire event, I will take to the podium – and, at the beginning of which, I plan to also introduce Mitsue-Links. We are looking forward to your application to attend this year’s Mitsue Conference.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.