February 26, 2020 'KAIZEN DAY' on Tour at the Business Research Institute's 16th Web Management Forum

On February 21, we took our KAIZEN DAY on tour when we presented selected content at the Business Research Institute's 16th Web Management Forum held at Ivy Hall, Aoyama, Tokyo. We planned our participation as an outreach version of our Mitsue Conference 2019 "KAIZEN DAY" that was held in our head office's seminar room last November. At this event, three MLC employees each ran 45-minute sessions on their specialty areas.

Hiroyuki Shinha, a manager in our Systems Division, gave a lecture entitled "How to Select a CMS that Won’t Fail". His three tips for selecting a CMS that won’t fail were “having purpose-oriented, rather than means-based, thinking”, “grasping the selection criteria for CMS products”, and “moving from ownership of both the CMS and server to use”, and explained the reasons for each tip in detail.

Hiroyuki Shinha giving his lecture.

A second podium was taken by Kiyochika Nakamura, our Accessibility Department Manager, with his session titled "Learn user issues that can be solved through improving web accessibility." In his session, Kiyochika introduced aspects of web content accessibility that can be checked relatively easily together with specific check methods.

Kiyochika Nakamura giving his lecture.

Kazuhito Kidachi, an MLC corporate director (CTO), gave a lecture on the theme of "Design Guidelines for Strengthened Branding". As branding has become ever more important, including the essential branding quality of consistency, Kazuhito discussed using design guidelines as a tool to ensure consistency while interspersing the talk with episodes from his own career.

Kazuhito Kidachi giving his lecture.

After the lectures, short "concern consultation sessions" were held. During these sessions, MLC speakers answered questions from audience members and gave advice on practical issues. By holding the three sessions across different rooms according to theme (CMS, accessibility, design guidelines), although there was some variation in the number of attendees, all the sessions proved meaningful and there were lively exchanges of opinions until the end.

A Consultation Session in the Design Guideline room

We would like to extend our gratitude to all event attendees as well as the Business Research Institute for providing us with this valuable opportunity. Thank you very much.