October 22, 2004 Mitsue-Links Achieves CMMI Level 2 First in the Japanese Web Industry

On October 8, 2004, Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd. (Nakano-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masashi Takahashi; hereinafter "Mitsue-Links") achieved Level 2 Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), an indicator of capability maturity in software development that resembles an international standard. This achievement was made by our system solution group that develops the application systems for customers.

The company has been certified for ISO9001, BS7799/ISMS and other standards at the corporate level, and has been striving to improve the service quality for clients. As part of the activities to improve quality and customer satisfaction, the company focused on process improvement based on CMMI, which is the capability maturity model in software development. The company has now achieved CMMI Level 2. Without being content with this achievement, the company will continue with process improvement to improve customer satisfaction and contribute to society.

What is CMMI?

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a model for improving the capability maturity of software development processes. CMMI was developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of the U.S. Carnegie Mellon University. It assesses and evaluated the organizational maturity at five levels. The model is recognized as an indicator that resembles international standards as well as those in the United States. Compatibility with ISO/IEC 15504 is taken into account.

Status of CMMI Level 2

  • Existing practices are retained during times of stress.
  • When these practices are in place, projects are performed and managed according to their documented plans.
  • Requirements, processes, work products, and services are managed.
  • The status of the work products and the delivery of services are visible to management at defined points (for example, at major milestones and at the completion of major tasks).
  • Commitments are established among relevant stakeholders and are revised as needed.
  • Work products are reviewed with stakeholders and are controlled.
  • The work products and services satisfy their specified requirements, standards, and objectives.

Details of Mitsue-Links' CMMI Level 2

About Mitsue-Links

Mitsue-Links is one of Japan's top information integrators, providing unique services centered on digital content and boasting countless achievements in support of IT business since the company's founding in 1990, which some say was the dawn of the IT field. Based on your company's own corporate strategy, we offer comprehensive service for all enterprise requirements including consulting, marketing, analysis, planning, layout/structuring, design, production, large-scale application development, planning/development of client communications, and site operation/maintenance. Mitsue-Links provides these services based on our unique and creative methodology, thereby enabling project management, project risk management, and usability management that organically integrate all our services and maintain their consistency.

Mitsue-Links is also one of the top companies both at home and abroad in terms of compliance to international and Japanese standards for process management. We have obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management), BS7799 (Information Security in the U.K.), and ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification. We also comply with JIS Z 9920/ISO 10002 (Complaints Handling Standard), ECS2000 (Ethics Compliance Standard), and ISO13407 (Human-Centered Design) among other standards.

Details about our company can be viewed at the following website.
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