We, Mitsue-Links, believe that transparency, balance and fairness are essential to sustain both corporate and market growth. To the extent possible, we are adopting global standards as well as implementing continuous improvement cycles in our business activities.

Compliance Mindset

Becoming a Self-Refining Organization

Mitsue-Links' Compliance Guidelines (in Japanese), formulated in 2007, aggregate definitive procedures for action with regard to business-related laws and ordinances as well as internal rules. Through continuous training on our Compliance Guidelines, together with enhanced employee ethics, and better organizational transparency, we, in the future, seek to become an organization that is self-refining.

Core Initiatives

Compliance Education

We have implemented compliance training for all employees.

Establishment of Reporting Routes

Our in-house Compliance Committee guides action and offers a consulting service on compliance related issues. If it becomes apparent that employees of this company are acting in a manner that is in violation of our compliance guidelines, or if a situation arises where there is an incident, please be assured that it is possible to report the issue to the Compliance Committee.

Furthermore, as there may be situations when it is difficult to consult with our internal hotline directly, it is possible to establish an external consultation service and enable anonymous reporting etc.

There are multiple routes provisioned for with regard to consultation and employee reporting.

The five actors in the reporting/consultation process are Heads of Departments, the Compliance Committee, Representative Directors, Auditors, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center. With the exception of the Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center route, the content of reports and consultations will be aggregated by the Compliance Committee. The Compliance Committee will work to protect the rights of those reporting or seeking consultation.

Management Systems

We have earned various management system certifications.

Quality Management System (ISO9001 Compliant)

Founded on the spirit of “listening to our clients' voices and earnestly accepting feedback, we continue to transform our services”, we take initiatives to implement standardization and continuous improvement in our daily work.

Information Security Management System (ISO27001 Compliant)

As an information integrator, we regard ensuring information security as an important social responsibility - therefore we have defined and implemented policies to properly handle information assets.

Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Mark Acquisition)

The protection and proper use of personal information is our social responsibility. All our employees are aware of this and we are proactively taking measures to protect personal information.

Activity Reporting