We contribute to society through our business activities. Our logo's symbol mark, from left to right, represents individuals, organizations, and society and that personal activities contribute to the organization, which in turn contributes to society. This mindset has not altered since our founding.


Services and Initiatives that Contribute to Society


Supports the increased diversification of users and devices.

Based on the notion of “human × robot”, workloads can be reduced, and positive responses are made to labor productivity enhancement, population decline, and human resource shortages.


An overview of our thinking and approach toward human resource development as well as our main educational programs.

Introducing our partnership initiatives.

Social Contribution Activities

Based on the spirit of “the mind seeks form, and form advances the mind”, an overview of our social contribution activities.

Introducing our “Ethiopia Five Year Project”, in which we supported Ethiopia's Abebech Gobena orphanage over a period of five years.