We strive to contribute to society under our corporate creed of “The mind seeks form, and form advances the mind” (meaning our mind affects our behavior and our behavior affects our mind). Here are some of social contribution activities we have been engaged in.

Recent activities

29 January, 2021 Donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society (Red Cross Activity Fund)

We made a made a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society. The donation monies will be used to support various life-saving activities - this includes measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as the novel-coronavirus; the strengthening of healthcare systems in preparation for natural disasters; the creating of public awareness with regard to disaster prevention and mitigation; and, the training of relief volunteers.

13 November 2020, Donation to Médecins Sans Frontières (Covid-19 Crisis Fund)

We made a donation to the Médecins Sans Frontières Covid-19 Crisis Fund. The donation will be used by MSF in various countries to assist authorities in their provision of care for COVID-19 patients, protect people who are vulnerable and at risk, keep essential medical services running, as well as support other related activities.

Past activities