System Development

Optimal solutions balancing between business requirements and functionality

As websites are becoming multifaceted and macro-scaled, more sophisticated selection, planning and implementation of optimal systems are needed

System planning approach differs depending on plans and requirements and also on the existing environment. 1. From system planning to implementation - this includes Plans and requirements, Functions, Necessary roles of the system, Necessary parts to develop, Incorporable systems. 2.System planning utilizing the existing system - whereas this includes, necessary roles of the system, Existing functions, System planning utilizing the existing system, Plans and requirements.

Plans and requirements to solve website problems

Along with the expansion of web marketing and advancement of technologies, issues on website operations are also increasing.

Fundamentally, system solutions are designed to solve these issues; but it is also important to respond as flexibly as possible to the various plans and requirements of clients at the time of selection and implementation of systems.

System planning utilizing the existing system

Another important point of system planning is to effectively utilize the existing system in upgrading to a new system.

Information systems are essential to facilitate website operations; therefore, it is important to select solutions that do not interfere but effectively utilize the existing system.

Collaboration with external web services

Recently, collaboration with external web services such as Google-related services and Twitter has drawn much attention in the web marketing industry.

Since websites used for web marketing are exposed to various media sites, a solution that can comprehensively manage and utilize these media sites is critical, even taking into account possible future expansion of the system.

Our Approach

We seek solutions to issues we issues - including checking and improving CMS, search functions within a websites, enquiry/application forms, website production, operations, CRM systems, simplified accounting systems (e.g., Online booking system that searches and books products), web hosting, server housing, support for network implementation, system security diagnosis, network infrastructures and environments, operation and maintenance, agent services for mail magazines and e-mail questionnaires, and system monitoring, and subcontracting comprehensive system maintenance.

A system solution that solves website problems and supports your business operations

Continuous improvements are necessary for a website in order to produce measurable results from it. There are various purposes, opportunities and methods to improve, and at the same time, there will be other issues to consider such as costs and web workloads.

We offer a wide range of system solutions that can effectively solve and support these issues with short lead times at relatively low costs.

System Development Solutions

MLC Enterprise Cloud

Managed Cloud Hosting Service Specializing in Corporate Site Management.

  • Cloud CMS
  • Internal Search System (FindSupporter Cloud)
  • Content Hub Solution
  • Group Common web hosting

Voice AI Channel Creation for Amazon Echo

Leveraging both Amazon Alexa and organizational content assets, a co-creation program to develop new customer touch points (Tech-Touch) through voice interaction.

CMS Development

A CMS solution that provides powerful support for corporate website operations.

Web App Development

Utilizing cloud technology as a base, modernizing legacy apps and supporting the building and management of web apps.

  • Website Enquiry Management

Server Configuration

Support for configurations of servers that are essential for website operations.

  • Server Security Diagnosis
  • SSL Server Certification

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.