Audiovisual Production

Effective representation of your company, brand, product or service through video

Use of video in corporate sites becoming established, diversification of content and techniques

Users Increasingly Encountering Video Content

With continued device evolution, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets etc., together with the proliferation of web platforms providing video content, including business and public websites, YouTube, and digital signage, video content is more readily accessible than ever.

Diversification of Video Content

Against a background where digital marketing has elevated the accuracy of marketing, it is essential for companies to implement more precise marketing methodologies that are supported by engaging content.

Moreover, when using video to play a core role in providing a company overview as well as product and service promotions, the optimum level of content provision is user-oriented content.

Furthermore, enterprises are increasingly taking advantage of video in order to convey a variety of their activities as well as increase stakeholder understanding. They are using video for activities including branding, management policies, CS, IR, CSR, recruitment, user support, and education/ training.

Our Approach

Our professional audiovisual team enhances the overall effect of your marketing and services

Our in-house production and direction specialists offer a one-stop service to meet your business needs –from drawing up bespoke plans, through storyboarding, scenario development, filming, editing, sound production, media conversion, to completion.

Furthermore, we have our own fully equipped in-house studios for Chroma key photography, recording of narration and more.

Audiovisual Services

Video Production [Production]

Offer a variety of video production services, ranging from planning and configuring video/image contents, creating scenarios/storyboarding, arranging performers and studio/shooting camera crews, through to shooting, editing, voice recording and encoding.

Audio Production and Recording [Production]

With professional voice artists and creative sound directors/editors, our digital recording studio supplies high quality voiceovers and narrations to cater for your needs.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.