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UX Services

Usability is recognized as a prerequisite for web marketing today: maximizing user experience becomes a must-do

The pursuit of a better user experience can maximize the value of your website as a media channel

useful, usable, valuable, desirable, findable, credible and accessible

A change of focus from “usability” to “user experience”

The concept of “usability” is to remove any obstacles impeding users' smooth accomplishment of their objectives.

In contrast, “user experience” means users' perceived experience with websites, such as provoked responses of enjoyment, comfort and interest.

Recently, many website administrators have become aware of the importance of usability and adopted this concept. For the further success of their website, the administrators began focusing on creating the best possible user experience (UX) on their websites.

The concept of “User Experience Design”

To design a website that can create an excellent user experience, it is important to establish a cycle of usability assessment — from interviewing users to identify their requirements to assessing the usability of the website. This method is called the “User Experience Design” and defined in the ISO 9241-210 standard.

Advancement of information terminals brought a change in UX, and this will change users

In recent years, the emergence of smartphones and tablets has accelerated the diversification of information terminals and changed the viewing habits of website users; hence the life style of users is also changing.

These trends indicate that User Experience Optimization has become crucial to online success.

Our Approach

The cycle of human-centered design. Conduct research centered on the user, design and evaluate.

We offer various methods to maximize user experience on your website

We aim to offer optimal information/interface architecture tailored to the needs of users. To do this, we set up the following professional team composed of survey conductors, evaluators and system designers.

  • Usability engineers who conduct user surveys and usability evaluations
  • Interaction designers who conceptualize and define the behavior of your website users

By leveraging the professional team, our unique know-how and objective survey data, we provide practical improvement plans to improve user experience on your website.

UX Services

Application UI design
Design applications UI to maximize your target user's goal achievement.
Web Usability Testing
Objectively identify potential usability problems and users' needs on your website.
Eye Tracking Analysis / Usability Testing for Smartphones and Tablets
Remote Usability Testing
Conduct a new type of user experience survey achieving both quality and quantity.
Expert Review
A professional analyst conducts objective assessments and offers practical advice and improvement plans to improve usability of your website.
Entry Form Optimization
User Test Studio
We rent a user test studio fully equipped with special facilities for usability testing and user surveys.
User Survey
Identify potential requirements of your website users using a Contextual Inquiry Method which focuses on the observation of users' behavioral patterns.
Persona-and-Scenario Development / Global User Research
UX Design Workshop
Offer opportunities to experience and understand the User Experience Design, which is a key factor to incorporate the concept of User-Centered Design into your company.

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