Accessibility Solutions

Not only complying with official guidelines, we also focus on accessibility strategies tailored to your business model

Accessibility is becoming increasingly critical, due to the rapid development of the web environment

To ensure web content can be viewed by a diverse number of users, such as seniors, from a range of devices including personal computers and smartphones.

Diversified website users and viewing devices

Website users are becoming more diverse. The population of senior users has been growing, and there are more new device options offered to view websites such as smartphones and tablets.

JIS accessibility guidelines were revised in August 2010, adopting more explicit criteria

The Japanese Industrial Standards for Web Content Accessibility (JIS X 8341-3:2010), which aim to ensure the accessibility of web contents to everyone, were revised on August 20, 2010, six years after the first publication.

The revised standards have adopted more explicit criteria for achievement level of web accessibility, ensuring its consistency with the latest international accessibility specifications (WCAG 2.0).

Assessment agencies also weigh their objective evaluation on website accessibility

Most assessment agencies which objectively assess companies' websites set the achievement level of web accessibility as one of the usability indicators.

Our Approach

From an understanding of the current issues and problems, to design and construction, and then provision of site management and support.

Our web accessibility specialists assist you in finding the right solution to meet a broad range of requirements

We offer various accessibility solutions at different levels of magnitude, from fundamental to professional, depending on your needs, budgets and timelines.

Our specialists are well qualified to offer the most suitable solutions for your website, with their extensive knowledge of accessibility guidelines such as JIS X 8341-3 and WCAG.

Accessibility Solutions

Web Accessibility Diagnosis

Our specialists clarify the problems of your website that are not easily detected.

  • Screen Reader Test

Accessibility User Testing

Our specialists analyze and identify the accessibility problems encountered by senior and disabled users.

Web Accessibility Development Support

We offer accessibility development solutions to comply with WCAG and JIS X 8341-3 according to the size and purpose of your website.

  • WCAG compliance
  • JIS compliance
  • accessible Flash content development
  • accessible PDF file development

Web Accessibility Consulting

Prepare accessibility guidelines and provide technical support and internal training.

  • Accessible JavaScript support
  • mobile accessibility support

Web Accessibility Maintenance Support Service [Enhance operating efficiency]

Maintain and ensure the quality of web accessibility based on the verification and periodic diagnosis of the developed content on your website.

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (axe Monitor) [Enhance operating efficiency]

An evaluation tool to maintain and ensure the quality of accessibility of your website.

In-House Accessibility Seminars

Provision of seminars at your office location with regard to the accessibility of your web content.

  • Accessibility Seminars: On Tour

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.