App Development

A New User Experience which Offers an Attractive and Functional UI

Demand for applications is increasing, offer an application with the aim of attracting new users

One of the merits of developing applications is that they can provide content which is tailored to device-specific capabilities.

For example, the fact that smartphones are equipped with GPS and accelerometer functionality provides the opportunity to utilize users’ location information and other data. By means of this functionality, it is possible to offer route information, restaurant guidance, or other information relevant to users' locations. A use case is shopkeepers sending coupons or notifications to an application's users if they are in the vicinity of the store, thus the application is employed as a measure to provide impetus to visit the shop. The combination of application usage with existing services and ideas creates an infinite number of business promotion possibilities.

With applications for PCs, you can exceed the limitations of your browser and standard websites to provide content combined with attractive, functional and intuitive user interfaces.

This offering of a new and more efficient experience offers significant advantages to attract new users.

Mitsue-Links' Approach

Our in-house specialists, such as UI / UX designers, illustrators, engineers, and data analysts, work together to ensure the development of applications that are high quality, have high levels of operability and integrity, and are aesthetically designed.

Furthermore, because our core business is the provision of web solutions, including website-linked marketing strategies from planning proposals through to production, we can offer a seamless one-stop service for all your development needs.

App Development Services

Smart Speaker (VUI) Application Development

Creating New Voice-based User Experiences with Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Apps

iOS App Development

iOS Application Planning, Design Consulting, Implementation, Store Registration Support.

Android App Development

Android Application Planning, Design Consulting, Implementation, Store Registration Support.

Windows Store app Development

Windows Store app Planning, Design Consulting, Implementation, Store Registration and other Support Services.

Prototype Production

We have a prototype development service. By employing prototyping techniques, a software development methodology, accurate model versions can be developed and tested.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.