Website Development

Media strategies that can enhance “engagement” reflecting the era of digital communications

“Engagement” and “Empathy” are a primary focus for corporate marketing

With the increasing volume of information received by consumers, the mediazation of personal identities, and weighing of individual opinions rather than advertisements, the effect of companies' advertising investments is becoming less significant as more consumers buy products trusting the reputation and brand power of a company. It is important to build long-term “engagement” with customers on a deeper and more individual basis, instead of just using one-way messages that applicable to anyone. This will then provoke more “empathy” from consumers.

Changes in the era of digital communications

Nowadays, people can easily connect with other people and brands through digital communication on the Internet as the distinction between the real and virtual worlds is disappearing.

More companies employ a one-to-one marketing approach, providing their customers with purchasing support and life-style planning, rather than simply promoting products and services. This enables consumers (website users) to receive more personalized services.

Shifting to a more equal relationship between consumers and companies

The Internet has changed the status of individual consumers: previously they were passive buyers who simply accepted products and services promoted by companies; now they are positively engaged in purchasing activities by exploring products and services on their own and choosing a company with strong engagement skills.

Under these circumstances, it becomes necessary for companies to acquire “knowledge” and “expertise” to utilize various digital data when communicating with their customers.

A new indicator for measuring media effects reflecting changes in consumer behavior

While the effect of advertising investments is declining, more consumers buy products trusting the reputation and brand power of a company. Thus, customer engagement has come under the spotlight as a new indicator for measuring marketing effects.

Our Approach

1. Understanding the Current Status: Strategy - Define objectives, goals, targeting users of your website (Purpose, Users' Needs). 2. Formulating Strategies: Scope - Define necessary functions to accomplish the goal of your website (define the functions and the content). 3. Defining Requirements: Structure - Define website architecture according to targeting users and their possible behavior on your website (Interaction Design and Information Architecture). 4. Basic Planning: Skeleton - Define information and navigation (Interface Design and Navigation Design). 5. Design : Surface - Define a visual design that turns your website for optimal performance (Visual Design).

Media structuring looking strictly from the viewpoint of customers

More and more companies come to view their website as a contact point with customers. They try to understand customers and build a deeper relationship with them that is advantageous in terms of their business. With our philosophy that we are “constantly evolving our products and services by listening to the voices of clients”, we strive to offer quality media structuring services developed according to the viewpoint of clients in order to satisfy their needs.

Website Development Services

Strategic Planning

Offer website strategies based on data vigorously collected under the concept of 3C, which will help you achieve your business goals.

Information Architecture

Create information architecture with a high level of usability for users and operability for website administrators.

Visual Design

Create an optimal visual design based on a full understanding of your requirements.

  • Character Creation

Implementation of Web Content

Implement web content which ensures good accessibility in compliance with website standards.

Design Guideline Production

Website design guidelines ensure consistency, enhance branding and boost user engagement.

Responsive Web Design

Construction of new sites or configuration of existing sites to ensure that “responsive web design” can be used for present and future devices.

Smartphone Support

Optimize your website for smartphones that are becoming more common as business tools.

SEO Consulting

Maximize the effect of SEO for your website by employing rigorous measures for Google's search engine.

  • Google Web Master Tool Consulting
  • In-house SEO Consulting
  • Structured Data Provide Support

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