As a Google Marketing Platform Partner Certified Company, we offer robust support to enhance client web strategies and deliver results.

Mitsue-Links is a Google Marketing Platform Partner Certified Company. We offer comprehensive Google Analytics support services from implementation and configuration through to operation and management.

Service Overview

Key Features of Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is free yet highly powerful web analytics tool, that will allow you to revolutionize the analysis of user access to your site and thus make improvements where required.
  • As a Google Marketing Platform Partner Certified Company, we offer comprehensive support and guidance.
  • Based on the know-how obtained from the implementation of GA in over 190 sites, we can provide you with optimum usage recommendations.

Service Menu

Construction Support

Google Analytics Installation Configuration Support

Whether this is your first experience of analytics or you are changing from another analytics tool, this service is designed for those who are bringing in Google Analytics as their web metrics service. This service is also recommended for those who have already installed Google Analytics but have not yet configured the tool and those who are worried they are not using the tool to its optimum level.


Google Analytics Configuration Diagnosis

We review your current Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager configurations and formulate improvement proposals that detail more advanced utilization.

Google Analytics Extension Support

For your Google Analytics account, we can implement a heat map tool as well as set up btob-oriented organization analysis etc. When Google Analytics is combined with external tools, it is possible to add functions that are separately unavailable.

Google Analytics Reporting

This service is for those who that have introduced Google Analytics but because of limited time or resources they find analysis challenging and are unsure which kind of analysis is appropriate.

Google Analytics Training

This service is for those that have introduced Google Analytics but are unsure of the access analysis terms and which reports are most appropriate for one's particular business.

Google Analytics Client Survey

This service provides much more in-depth analysis of the data and allows for the visual display of client information. It is recommended for those who want to gain much greater insights from Google Analytics in order for practical business application.

Google Analytics A/B Test Support

Our Google Analytics A/B Test service offers data-driven conversion rate optimization support.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.


Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner

Mitsue-Links has acquired Google Marketing Platform Partner Certified Company status. Our four product certifications are Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, and Google Data Studio.

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