Supporting Client Marketing DX (Digital Transformation) with our DX Technical Excellence

Implementing successful DX to automate non-core business functions and optimize the work of limited human resources

The Necessity of Digital Marketing

With the diversification of user purchasing behavior, in order to attain product and service sales success, we are now in an era where we must better ascertain individual user circumstances and provide experiences that befit user needs. In line with such an era, various marketing tools are being developed and implemented.

Achieving Success in Digital Marketing

However, merely adopting tools doesn’t mean that corporate objectives have been achieved – rather that is only the beginning. Once tools are introduced, the shortest route to success consists of firstly understanding and then monitoring the diversified user needs, then considering scenarios that encourage attitude changes, inputting data to the tool, and finally performing repeated modelling through a trial and error approach.

Chronic Lack of Human Resources

At present, in many organizations, a limited number of workers are entrusted with a comprehensive array of digital marketing tasks - meaning teams are often operating at full capacity. Moreover, with the implementation of new tools, work volumes will likely increase due to data processing and mass production of digital assets to be necessary for entry into the new marketing tools - thereby further straining human resources.

Mitsue-Links’ Approach

With DX technology Automate/Outsource Non-core Marketing Operations

Within corporate marketing operations, there are presently many tasks considered non-core. For example, when adopting new marketing methods both pre-processing and post-processing work tasks will arise, however this processing is regarded as non-core.

For such non-core tasks, how about exploring the possibility of automating operation with DX (Digital Transformation) technologies such as RPA and AI? Even if full automation isn’t feasible, it may be possible for the technology to function as an assistant and organize information in preparation for data entry. At Mitsue-Links, we provide outsourcing services focused on robot operation and automated operation using DX technologies.

DX Services

AI-DigiCa with AI inside

Using high-precision OCR (Optical Character Recognition) AI, supporting the digitization of typed, handwritten or printed text documents - essential for corporate DX (Digital Transformation)

RPA Anshin Fixed-Price Pack

Use of the Japanese-developed RPA tool "WinActor" with abundant support for a fixed monthly fee.

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