For the Development of More Sophisticated Applications

Service Overview

Technology usage patterns and needs are increasing in both diversity and complexity, thus prompting an acceleration of research on the advancement of development and management processes. Also, for the same reason, the lead time for application development is becoming increasingly shorter. In such situations, an important matter is the early detection of any possible issues in various usage environments by responding to the feedback requests of users.

Prototyping is a software development methodology, whereby a model, or prototype, is developed and then its functionality is tested with a sample of target users. In other words, it is a model of the product in its early development phase. By having the intended users actually test the prototype, functions can be changed, added or even deleted if necessary, and an updated model which reflects the feedback can then be created. With each iteration of this process, a more accurate prototype version is developed which accurately corresponds to the needs and requirements of users.

Service Details

Our prototype development service, founded upon our extensive technological, development and implementation experience, ensures a high level of support in order to maximize product performance and meet your organization's requirements.

Technologies Available

Web Applications
HTML5, Adobe Flash Platform etc.
Native Applications
Objective-C, Java, HTML5, Adobe AIR etc.

Service Applications

  • Prototype for testing of the user interface
  • Prototype for performing an accessibility check
  • Prototype for user testing of functions
  • Prototype for testing algorithm engineering
  • Measurement prototype for analyzing user behavior

Service Flow

  1. Application
  2. Consultation to Determine Requirements (goals, design of test contents, test cycle etc.)
  3. Quotation
  4. Ordering
  5. Development of prototype as specified in the requirements
  6. Delivery of Goods

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.