From Planning a Windows Store app, through the Design Consulting and Development stages to Store Registration

A key feature of Windows 8 OS is that the interface has been optimized for use on tablet devices, therefore it can be operated directly through touch manipulation. Furthermore, through the medium of the Windows Store, Windows Store apps can be downloaded directly thereby making the process of obtaining new software much more accessible and familiar.

As Windows Store apps can be created with HTML and related technologies as a base, it is possible to reuse existing resources from your website. Furthermore, by combining Microsoft`s cloud platform (Azure) with a framework developed by our company, it is possible to lower costs and increase productivity.

As with websites, if enterprises utilize Windows Store apps for promotional activities, it is likely to appeal more to the users and the marketplace in general.

Service Overview

We provide total support for all your Windows Store app needs, from planning and design consulting to implementation and store registration.

Usability, accessibility, access analytics; by utilizing our high technological expertise, we will develop a high quality application in accordance with screen protocols.

Service Details

Planning, Definition of Requirements

After a careful understanding of client requests and objectives, we draft a project plan and create a detailed proposal to ensure the development of a superior application.

Design Consultation

In accordance with the Windows Store app’s protocols, we will define the requirements of the information architecture and screen layout.

IA Map (Information Architecture Map) Development
In accordance with the project`s objectives and the specified target audience, a plan will be drawn up that conforms with the Windows Store app’s design guidelines.
Visual Design Creation
Based on the IA Map, we arrange a visual design.
Wireframe Construction
We define the various functions, screen elements, and the interaction methods.

Implementation, Verification

We develop the application based on the specifications decided during the design consultation phase, such as information layout, screen layout etc.

Additionally, use HTML5 to insert sounds or animation or add a Google Analytics tag to verify the effectiveness of the application after general release.

Store Registration

We will make a request to register the completed application in the Windows Store. If the situation arises where the application is not accepted by Microsoft, we will correspond to resolve any issues. Our support is provided through to the release of your Windows Store app.

Application Operation

After the launch, we can provide support by responding to changes in the platform`s specifications which mandate a modification of the application, as well as the upgrading or addition of functions. In addition, by request, we can provide support with regard to the embedded Google Analytics tag by executing in-depth analyses on the application`s performance.

Service Flow

  1. Hearing
  2. Planning, Definition of Requirements
  3. Design Consulting
  4. Implementation
  5. Store Registration
  6. Release

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.

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