Sound resolution is determined by the sampling frequency (kHz) and the number of quantization bits (bit). The higher resolution of the digital sound, the closer it is to the original. For our high resolution narration service, we record high quality narrations in a 24bit - 32bit/ 96kHz - 192kHz environment. These high resolution recordings can be used for voice research and development as well as the provision of high quality speech.

Audio samples (mono/WAV) narration scale 10 seconds

  • Recording Environment: ProTools HDX
  • Recording Microphone: SANKEN CU-41
Sampling Frequency Audio Bit Depth Format Size Play/Download
(WAV Format)
192kHz 32bit (IEEE Float) Linear PCM 7,547KB Play*/Download
24bit Linear PCM 5,673KB Play*/Download
96kHz 32bit (IEEE Float) Linear PCM 3,798KB Play*/Download
24bit Linear PCM 2,860KB Play*/Download
48kHz 24bit Linear PCM 1,454KB Play*/Download
16bit Linear PCM 985KB Play/Download
44.1kHz 24bit Linear PCM 1,339KB Play*/Download
16bit Linear PCM 909KB Play/Download
22.050kHz 16bit Linear PCM 478KB Play/Download
11.025kHz 16bit Linear PCM 263KB Play/Download
8kHz 16bit Linear PCM 204KB Play/Download
8kHz 8bit CCITTμlaw 126KB Play/Download
  • * May not be playable on smartphones.

Use Examples

Hi-Resolution Sound Sources, Audio Material for Research and Development, Master Data Storage

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.

Narrators Wanted

We’re recruiting freelance narrators. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us.

  • Languages : English (American, British), Spanish (European, South American), Portuguese (European, Brazilian), Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Taiwanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Turkish, Tagalog, and more.
  • must be a native speaker of the language
  • must be able to communicate in Japanese